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price drop
I have two pairs of AE I like a lot but just don't work for me so I would be happy if they found a new home. I fit very well in AE Park Avenue in 7 1/2 D but somehow these two don't work. One is an Allen Edmonds Brentwood in black with a leather sole, 7 1/2 D. -- $50 shipped conus Attachment 33203 Attachment 33204 Attachment 33207 The other one, I do not know what model it is, it is a rubber sole, 7 1/2D but feels smaller to me - $40 shipped...
Penguin by Munsingwear khakis in size 28. - $25 shipped conus Waist: 28 Length: 28.5 Leg opening - 9 NEW, never worn with tags Attachment 33197 Attachment 33198 Attachment 33199 C-IN2 swim trunks, I have them new with tags both in Small and Large - $15 shipped conus each Small: Waist: 15 Length: 13 Large: Waist: 17 Length - 13 Attachment 33200 Attachment 33201
A word of warning. I bought a jacket in the store in New York where I was a slim fit. This summer I bought one in Tokyo and I could not fit in the slim fit, I had to go with regular fit. I guess I am a husky in Japan. It looks nice, simple, cheap and not very exciting - but an interesting move from their part.
I have tried most of the sleep meds. Ambien -- knocks me out but doesn't keep me asleep too long and I have some of the side effecets (I forget what I did when I wake up), so I don't take it on a plane anymore. Lunesta -- I find it to be great, but leaves me groggy in the morning, so I don't use it. Ambien CR -- Somehow, feels better than the Ambien. Doesn't knock me out immediately but makes me stay asleep longer, no memory problems or grogginess.
I own both and love both for very different reasons. I only have the older RRLs before they had stiching on the bcak pocket and the quality of th denim and the fit are top notch, didn;t size down and fit perfectly. I have a few APCs, which are very different, texture, color, fit, love them and wear them to work in a semi formal environment and it works great. The real question is what are you looking for? and then you can find the jeans you want, there are so many options...
Are the socks still available?
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