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I am trying to figure out my size and would like to try them in person. Thanks
Mauro, Just saw your After Dinner Oxford mentioned on the DC thrillist - congrats! I am always curious how much that drives traffic to a website?
I highly recommend the Nancy Boy Pomade itr has a nice texture and it is not greasy.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Also I have tried the Mama Bears Soaps - they had nothing special for a shaving cream. Nothing bad. I just dion;t see the reason for the hype in some fora about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mtmt I'm new here, but I thought you guys would be interested in this deal - get $60 worth of clothing, etc. from Lands' End Canvas for $30 from Groupon. You can buy up to two of these (i.e. get $120 worth of stuff for $60). Check it out: GROUPON COUPON LINK You can only purchase this deal today ... but can use the money at the Lands' End Canvas website through Jan 2011. Pretty great deal, I think. I can't see...
The Corduroy don't come in XS?
If you are in New York City I would choose the Uniqlo chinos any dayd over those. I would also add to the mix JCrew and diffinitely Rugby.
If you like the Levi's Hesher and they are in your price range why not buy them?
I have a very nice grey one from Helmut Lang that fits very similarly to my NS, but I knoe Helmut Lang has changed so I am not sure they still make the same quality stuff/
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I actually don't like tahini in mine. Why not get one of those little mini-cuisinarts? Not a full-fledged FP but should do the trick, albeit in smaller batches. Tahini is really oddly enough the most important component in Hummus. Anywhere you go in the Mediterranean the differences in Hummus are mainly due to the quality Tahini.
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