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jesus maybe it was better to just cop the extra $$$ and get it from tanner...
How long does it take for the belts to come direct from the corter website?
Just got a pair of nfxmomo in sz30 too and it's very snug atm so am hoping they stretch out... at least more than the APC ps cus they didn't seem to stretch out as much as people said...
RE: PS, does anyone experience the fabric bunching up at the bottom of the back pockets, on the upper thigh-lower butt area? I'm not sure if it's because the jeans are still stiff, but damn it's a bit annoying
oh my god these PS's are hard to button up, my fingers are raw from all the strain trying to get them on. quite happy with the fit but jesus, i can't wait 'til they loosen up, if only to save my poor fingers
anyone know where i can get apc petit standards in san jose / san francisco?
Hey guys, Just received my jeans today in the mail and tried them on only to find that they're one size too big, so here we are. They're pretty much brand new; all tags still on, pin, washing card etc. I don't have too many posts here, mainly just been lurking, but I've anEbay Profile so you can message me there if you want. I'm after a quick sale, so asking for Australian buyers only. People from other countries can get it much cheaper than us Aussies...
will the STYLEFORUM10 code run strictly until the 1st of Sept? I've been trying to place an order, but something seems to be wrong with your free international shipping. The shipping fee is always added no matter how much is in the cart.
any chance of getting a sz27 APC PS anytime soon?
RE: APC PS, anyone know if it's comparable to any nudie jeans? I'm not able to try on the PS in sizes lower than 28, so just looking for a roundabout way to determine my proper size. Cheers
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