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Go to check out and apply SEVENTY in promo box.
Ziplock bag with a small piece of moistened sponge or piece of apple will do it for a few days.
Audio, If you have time before your visit, check out "Summer in a Glass" by Evan Dawson (Amazon has it). Great read about Finger Lakes winemaking. For reds try Heart and Hands (Cayuga), Ravines (Keuka). For food, if you get down near Watkins Glen stop at the Stonecat Cafe. Also great micro-beer at Roosterfish in Watkins Glen, next to Wildflower Cafe.
^this. A good bar review course like BAR-BRI will be very helpful. Study hard!
The Office has officially "jumped the shark". It was once one one of my favs. This episode just sucks.
Outstanding. "Aaron Rodgers rock and roll"!
Anyone own/wear this? Reviews look good on website, but curious as to other reviews in the real world.
+1 on timezone. Also check out rolexforums "for sale" section.
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