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Kim Jong-Ii - can't believe no one said this earlier.
I actually think if you have to be coatless a bowtie looks better than a regular tie.
Shoot, the pics aren't coming through on my screen
People on Styleforum are willfully ignorant of trends, but I guess that is what makes them so "stylish" rather than fashionable. Anyway, over the last year, tassel loafers have been extraordinarily fashionable with all sorts of new version coming out like this:
I own about ten suits. In the summer (May-September) I wear a suit maybe twice a month. In the less revolting months, I wear them around two or three times a week. I still wish I had fewer. Sport coats and trousers are better for my life.
A fat well-dressed guy seems like he might own a diamond mind, whereas a fit, well-dressed guy seems foppish. I supposed the days of the bloated plutocrat are over people are fit (and generally badly dressed), these days.
I actually think fairly obese people in impressive clothing can look rather imposing - even intimidating. In some situations it might be better to be fat and well-dressed than fit and well-dressed. If you are attractive and well-dressed it can be a bit too much, overwhelming and give the impression of dandyishness or flightiness. On the other hand, the fat, suited man seems ready to make a serious move - he seems like he means business. Obviously, there are limits...
What do we think about this?
Wow! Where do you find these?
Tassel loafers are probably the most trendy shoe for men at this particular moment in time. Did anyone notice?
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