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On the contrary, availability of any products in China is less than one might expect.
Shoot me if there is already a thread on this - I just can't find it. Wasn't there a site based in the UK that sells very nice patterned silk linings? If anyone knows of this site, could you let me know.
I once left a new YSL jacket in a cab the first time I wore it. I called up, but didn't have the info of the exact cab. It was in Hangzhou, so no one is even my size. I was sober, too. Maybe if I had been drunk I would still have it today.
I do wish I had arrived at this party slightly earlier.
I suppose buying trousers in bulk at daffy's and flipping them here is performing a service for those who don't live in NYC - a service that takes time and deserves some form of compensation.
This whole thread would actually make me reluctant to try selling stuff here. I once bought a suit at a consignment store, realized I didn't want it, and resold it on ebay for 1k. What kind of a monster am I? I think I might have even bought a thing or two on ebay and successfully sold them at a 100% markup. Obviously I rephotographed and wrote a better description.
Yeah, I help Sen Li promoting his shop, but he has never gotten around to printing out new labels with the Frye added. However, it is entirely his business. I consult with him on things like fabric, construction, and promotions. Also, if you would like to schedule an appointment just contact me. I am also doing a shopping guide for Beijing that will soon be on my website. I can answer any questions about what should and shouldn't be bought here and where you can...
Is there any more info on this?
What are you trying to find? Tailoring or RTW?
Would like to hear how your tailoring experiences are going. A) It really depends quite a bit on the tailor as there is quite a lot that is fake out there. You might not want to use fabric you really like or that is expensive unless it is a tailor you have already tried or what that is definitely high end. B) There are MOP buttons at Muxiyuan and Daxin market. Our tailorship stocks horn and MOP for suiting, though we don't do shirting. C) You can ask for high...
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