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I would avoid Ya Xiu or any of the cheap clothing markets in Beijing. For shopping, check out: Wu Hao BNC For Restaurants, I would recommend TRB Temple .
Which of these are particularly good?
I would also recommend that people check out Wuhao. It may not have much in terms of classic menswear, but it is one of the most interesting concept shops in the world and a great place to see the work of rising Chinese designers. BNC is also interesting and a good place to get gifts.
Deleting threads without any warning? This is my last post on styleforum. Thanks for wasting my time.
After living in China's pollution, it is hard for me not to feel some sympathy for any action - even radical or destabilizing - that is aimed at ending man's destruction of the environment. They are using the wrong methods, obviously. They should use more creative and peaceful means. Also vested corporate and other interests are so powerful that people are left with few options.
Ah, yes, the drake's shantung ties. I fondled the real articles in the factory where they are made in Central London.
Where did you get that incredible lining on the suit?
Or must one buy a separate trolley?
Is there any way to do this? Perhaps there is a company that can do this? I know that Globe-trotters come without wheels an can have them added for an extra 80 pounds.
That is to say, quality products often have to be specially imported.
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