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It is indeed quite hard to trust fabric suppliers from HK. Which brands appear to be counterfeited most, in your experience? Is it just the high-end like Scabal or is there fake VBC, Harrison's etc.?
How about a pink diamond? Has anyone done that?
Tokyo, sure. They have been connoisseurs of the best of all that is Western since the Meiji era, but who would have expected so much tweediness in Beijing, capital of the dread PRC? I have been here since 2005 and I would have never imagined such a spectacle as the Beijing Vintage Ride.
Here he is at the recent Dior Homme party in a most un Hommey outfit. And here is the piece he wrote on the event.
Shoes: Stubbs and Wooton Socks: Don't Remember Pants: Mabitex
Goodwill, salvation army, ebay, and some consignment shops.
I am going there. One normally thinks of Guangzhou as a materialistic, money-obsessed, cash-oriented, completely industrial and commercialistic place at the center of the region that was the main engine for all of China's hyper-miraculous (one can only attempt to outdo the last bit of hyperbole) growth of recent years. But I want to know what is special about the place for visitors. What effect does a more business-obsessed attitude have on the aesthetics, urban plan...
I see your point of course, but one goes there more for the ambiance. I don't know of any Chinese restaurants that are in temples that date back to the Yuan Dynasty. One does get a bit tired of the local faire after a while. Of course, for duck, I would recommend if you want something quite impressive: Gui Gong Fu, Da Fang Yuan No 11 Off Da Fang Jia Hutong, East of Chao Yang Men Nan Xiao Jie 朝阳门南小街东,大方家 胡同北边,芳嘉园十一号 桂公府 For something more humble, there is Li Qun 利群烤鸭店.
Wow beautiful stuff. Isn't 650USD extremely reasonable for a full-canvassed coat made in the US?
The suits are from Senli and Frye. The rust one is not mohair but Shantung silk - one of the blue ones is as well. We offer those fabrics in a huge range of colors. The others are the mohair fabrics from England that Jeffrey brings himself. Also, I want to give credit to photographer Eric Gregory Powell for taking the recent studio photos.
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