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Anyway, did LVMH destroy Krug, Ruinart, Loewe, Berluti, etc.?
And maybe cocktails made with Americano Cocchi. Seems Loro Piano is finally accessible to me...
As prices go up in Asia, Italy might really start to be competitive. This could be quite an opportunity. I wonder if any of those smaller tailors would want to be based in Asian cities.
Does anybody here just really loath exercising, eating right and in moderation, and not having four alcoholic drinks a day?
You will not see this again any time soon. This piece is nothing if not singular. Perhaps not standard styleforum faire, but the fabric and details are all quite nice. The fabric is rather thick so definitely a fall piece that can function well as outerwear when paired with a sweater and scarf. The piece has been work two or three times and is in perfect condition. However, there have been alterations done to the waist which is quite nipped as you can see from the...
So the button holes on the cuffs are all already opened and fully operational?
Medium purple and mauve are the only acceptable colors for daytime weddings.
It seems a lot of local people into classic style hold a very low opinion of Jack Peng. They seem to think that buying RTW shoes made in Europe is still much better value. I still haven't tried him though. There is a general consensus among this kind of tribe that the local bespoke shoemakers should not be used. This might reflect a certain snobbery toward local products though.
Although the highlight is the girl in red.
Prices just aren't that low in China. It is for quite a variety of reasons, but I think it can be tough for foreigners who have come expecting a good deal. General inflation is high, but anything remotely in the field of luxury gets an extra boost from government officials and everyone associated with them - everyone who has money. These people are willing to spend on luxury in a way that doesn't necessarily seem very rational. Also, the notion that foreigners would...
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