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But it would be nice to have a third option, wouldn't it? I actually disagree with the whole "if you have to ask", "you need to have the right attitude" refrain. I think it is more about the outfit and what the meaning of the item is. Shawl lapels are relaxed, louche, and connote a certain indolence and lack of precision. They are fundamentally different from the other two options because they are round. The roundness really raises the major questions. Can they...
Wow, I shall have to check out D&J. What was your impression of the fabric they used?
Sorry I missed this one, but what a smart idea for a party! Labelking is a mini-celebrity and his fame and singularity should be used more often. Nice to see that Tiffany Wang was able to make it out too. Jeffrey also has a great talent for attracting glamorous girls, but I suppose with West Coast distances he wasn't able to deliver as well as he does here in Beijing.
Any way to pick these up on the internet?
I must be missing something here. Even the pose of Conceptual 4est makes it seem like he has already conceded.
Hahaha, of course space is the one thing that really is expensive in our current economy. How do these people afford the closet space? Also, I hope they give to Good Will and don't just throw the stuff away.
Getting the right fit on trousers is quite a challenge indeed...
Congratulations to The Armoury! I think Tribeca is quite good from an aesthetic perspective. Beyond the specific products, The Armoury represents a lifestyle and a philosophy. They are traditionalist but also very on target in terms of the tastes of this moment. Their type of the classics is where the mainstream market is headed. The big spending bankers and such are definitely moving in the direction of things like Drake's ties, Chan suits, and Carmina shoes. ...
I would a medium to dark blue cotton sport coat might be an option and then paired with a pink shirt.
Why do we need laws to regulate the female body?
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