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I am attending a trade fair in HK called The HUB - I help them with PR on the Mainland - and might be able to arrange for some visitor passes if any HK members would like to come This is the only time that the founders of some rather interesting denim and streetwear brands come to the city. I know that the following are attending: Hype Blomor SikSilk Walsh - British made sneakers Y-3 LUKE 1977 - Denim and sportswear Gola Classics LES BENJAMINS Faguo Shoes Majestic...
I am attending a trade fair in HK called The HUB - I help them with PR on the Mainland - and I can probably arrange for some visitor passes if anyone is up for it. It's a great chance to meet top people at some interesting brands. The ones that I think might be of most interest to styleforum: Barbour Penrose London - I know the creator of this cool accessories brand is coming. Robert Keyte Sanders & Sanders Ltd Oscar of Sweden Chapman Bags North & Sparrow Let me know...
I just met the founder of this brand. He was a rather amusing guy. Since they are showing at a trade fair in HK at the end of this month, I suspect they will be available in more places in Asia soon.
What about a suit in fabric of this color?
With a dark wool tie and medium gray suit it might work, but not alone. I mean, it would have to be dressed up.
I think velvet, exotic skin, or even fabric is usually more attractive for footwear than patent leather. What about tasseled footwear with dinner wear?
Well, also a magnum of "Hot Pink" Cremant de Loire Rosé from Domaine de Salvert, flowery but dry with a special rosy shade.
Like a billion and half others, my last week has been largely dumplings.
Wow, 242,000 views. Kent, you hace some real serious fame.
Camo aside, Nick's style advice for men is very much in keeping with styleforum dictates. He thinks most men can get by on one perfectly tailored medium gray suit, a blue and white shirt, some ties, and British-made black and brown cap toes.
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