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The following 100% cotton shirts are available for $25.00 each shipped CONUS or three for $60.00. 1. Brooks Brothers 15-33 regular fit blue dress shirt with french cuffs. 2. Brooks Brothers 15-33 slim fit non-iron blue dress shirt with barrel cuffs. 3. Gitman Gold 15-33 regular fit purple dress shirt with barrel cuffs. 4. Joseph Abboud 15.5-32/33 regular fit dress shirts in brown, blue and pink herringbone, with barrel cuffs.
Up next are four pairs of Brooks Brothers Clark Advantage Chinos size 32/32 in navy, gray, khaki and sand from last year. All pants are 100% cotton, flat front, no cuffs, wrinkle-free and in excellent condition. Asking $50.00 each shipped CONUS or $175.00 for the entire lot.
One of several posts to pass on items that no longer fit or I no longer need. All of the shoes are used with plenty of life left in the soles and heels. One of the pairs has is marked up along the back of the heel; hence the lower price. Here are four pairs of shoes I no longer need after purchasing a couple of pairs of Alden dress boots. 1. Allen Edmonds Garner black monk strap dress shoes. Marked 10D, 12" from toe to heel and 3.75" at the widest point. I was...
About a year ago I had my first online sale with mixed results. Mixed meaning I handed off my starter wardrobe to those in need at the lowest prices possible and pretty much broke even on most of the items after shipping and PayPal fees. This year I have several higher-end and middle of the road pieces to offer at what I feel are fair prices. Below are two heavy flannel wool Brooks Brothers suits that served me well when I worked in New England and New York. Now that...
Jac Zagoory makes some interesting pens and desk accessories. If you can't justify spending $150.00 on a stapler they show up on eBay now and again. Of course you could save your pennies and go bespoke through Swaine Adeney.
Right... Toyota... #1 automobile of the average America millionaire...
According to Stanley's research in Stop Acting Rich (writer of The Millionaire Next Door), Allen Edmonds is the #1 dress shoe brand of millionaires. But what do they effing know? They also shop for pants at Kohl's and suits at Dillard's/Macy's.
If I were building a library filled with lucrative management consulting scams I'd pick Taylor's book up in heartbeat. The book's a gem.
Matt: I work for the federal government as a program manager. I write all effing day long.
Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp This is the idea, and apparently true. What this means is the purpose of sniping is to avoid giving non snipers a chance to reconsider. Sniping does NOT protect you from other snipers, who bid rationally at the last moment, sniping protects you from the NON snipers who keep raising their max bid because they think the point of an auction is to 'win'. +1
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