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1st is the Porter Jacket 2nd is the Norfolk
Taken while testing out the Needles mismatch vans (laceup + slip-on) idea: WWM Shirt (Daiki) Nepenthes NY Vest (3+ years ago) EG Newport Pants (3+ year ago) Right Foot = White Vans Laceup Left Foot = White Vans Slipon
Another Daiki interview: http://www.fashion-press.net/news/6866
^Yeah, they're just moving on from Pitti, as it's turned into a whole other beast when they first started showing. They'll still be showing in NYC and Tokyo.
Thanks for the heads up. They're in the area, so that's perfect.
Anyone know where to get the Cabourn x Converse Plimsoles in the US, preferably California? I'm guessing the same shops that carried the Bosey Boots, but the ones I knew of were in NYC and Boston (Bodega). BTW, olive boseys working out great. The Ventile breaths better than expected. Tend to pair olive fatigues with them.
Couple EG pics from the ol' tumblr
To change subjects, a little something from Put This On: http://putthison.com/post/53215469801/real-people-fatigue-pants-of-course-we-all-read
Buttons are just as prone to come off as they've always been and fabrics and stitching pretty much the same. Haven't seen much difference. Triple stitch on the workshirts are still there, stitiching on the fatigue pants are holding up in the recent versions, etc. Only complaint I've seen here was for the fatigue pants from this season that ripped? Most of the time when there's defects it seems that they were interesting materials that weren't fatigue tested for strength,...
MAC has the SS12 Peacock popover M, vest M, and 34 shorts on sale (about 20-40% off, didn't see the exact pricing) if anyone's looking.
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