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MAC in SF is having a sale with 50% off of Nigel Cabourn. They had a full size run of the Dark Brown Wool Mallory and matching pants when I was in early last week.
^^^I have two quick-release belts from Mr. Hardy and have compared them to one from EG and they are identical. Check out Mister Crew's post for details on his order: http://mistercrew.com/blog/2012/10/02/quick-release-belts/
Waste(twice): http://www.mizobuchi.co.jp/mls/wastetwice/wt_12awp07.html
1. Hooded Padded Vest Khaki NyCo Ripstop - Nepenthes New York, American Rag Olive NyCo Ripstop - Nepenthes New York, Bows + Arrows, Context, Jack Straw, Oi Polloi, The Bureau Navy NyCo Ripstop - Stuart & Wright, Nomad, The Bureau H Grey Wool Flannel - Nomad, Tailor at the Tannery Grey Wool Glen Plaid - The Bureau Navy Wool Uniform Serge - Nepenthes New York Grey Wool Herringbone - Nepenthes New York, Bastille, Bloomingdale's, Bows + Arrows, Canvas, Context, HW Carter and...
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