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I wear the vests with button down shirts and never with jeans. Always with slacks, fatigues, chinos, etc. not necessarily with a tie, but ties help. Throw a jacket or even a cardigan over if weather permits. But remember, no rules. Work it out with your wardrobe. Could work with a tee. I've worn blue vests with a blue tee underneath.
Short snippet Video of the SS14 runway show at a nepenthes the other night. If you look closely you can see Mr. Drinkwater in the background. http://nickwooster.com/post/56266941971/engineered-garments-at-nepenthes-new-york#
Especially great selection this season Gary. Going to have a tough time choosing from the numerous items on the list.Nice pattern on the F3A0790 / Western Shirt / Black Printed Floral / Paisley Corduroy $255.00 S > L [[SPOILER]] This is a must have: F3A0896 / Work Shirt / Navy Heathered Cotton Oxford $230.00 XS > XL [[SPOILER]] Great pattern on this one too: F3A0917 / Miners Shirt / Grey/Navy Heavy Twill Plaid $205.00 XS > XL [[SPOILER]] A staple: F3D0278 / CPO...
1st is the Porter Jacket 2nd is the Norfolk
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