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Just picked up the Post-R shirt in the Southern Chambray from Joel to match my Royal Traveler in Engineer's Jacket. Still some good deals left. On another note, Extra-NYC has had their webshop online for several months now: http://www.extra-nyc.com/shop/ Some pics from my tumblr: Koji from Extra-NYC Mr. ts(s) and Mr. Post Overalls
Railroader in Wool Serge 19th BD
F2A0631 / Work Shirt / Red, Blue, Orange Brushed Plaid XS > XL $225.00 F2A0633 / Work Shirt / Navy / White / Red Brushed Plaid XS > XL $225.00 F2D0469 / Shawl Collar Shirt Jacket / Olive 100% Wool Serge XS > XL $335.00
E-1 Pants Shawl Collar Shirt Jacket CPO Miner 19th BD Railroader Cinch Pants Jean Jacket Cruiser USN Scarves Bowties & Ties
^Start London: http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/engineered-garments-herringbone-wool-baker-jacket-item-10236495.aspx
Shop Coat in Wool Denim Ties Double Faced Scarves Field Parka in Olive Ripstop Truman Baker
No updates yet. They're pretty busy this week and will get back to me when they can. If you call them they may be able to give you an answer over the phone.
Can't say with much certainty if the vintage chambray fabric on that workshirt is the same as the one several years ago. Apologies if I repeat pics. There are so many nowadays.
Shop Coat Railroader Field Parka Baker Hats Miner in plaid 19th BD in Dress Chambray Landsdown Jean Jacket (Denim version available at MAC) Jeans Round Collar in Polka Dot Workshirt Tab Collars in plaid
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