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^I wish I saw your post before I cropped the larger pics from hypebeast. Bomber Jacket will probably be nicer when buttoned. The flap across the zippers is a nice detail. Looks like they went with the diamond shaped elbow patch. Only gripe is the collar. Would've preferred a rounded collar. I'm liking the Truman (minus the apron): Like this fabric: I wonder if this comes with the gloves:
The final Pitti and some pics from the office:
Older Upland Vest and Saint James stripes. Also a white Workshirt (with a clear bottom button) from Gary from awhile back.
I agree with Fycus, toasty the shoulders seam appears to be a little too far in. Body fits fine though. Sizing up will make it a little looser. Is it easy to zip as-is? Aphelion, if you don't plan on layering you may want to size down. Can't tell from the pics whether the shoulder seam is on point. Also, instead is shortening the sleeves consider just rolling them. The jacket's about being casual and rolling is definitely that.
Anyone have any fit pics of with the Cabourn x Converse Bosey Boots in green (their own or online)? Still on the fence.
B Store Light Blue Shoes Size = 43 Condition = Used up to 4 times. See pics. Made in Protugal Leather Sole. Leather Lined. Asking $85 shipped in US. Please contact me for international shipping.
YMC Camo Shoes, Spring/ Summer 2012 Size = 42 Condition = Worn less than 3 times (see pics of the sole) Fabric Camo Rubber Sole Leather Lining Asking $85 shipped in US. Please contact me for international shipping
New Posts  All Forums: