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Especially great selection this season Gary. Going to have a tough time choosing from the numerous items on the list.Nice pattern on the F3A0790 / Western Shirt / Black Printed Floral / Paisley Corduroy $255.00 S > L [[SPOILER]] This is a must have: F3A0896 / Work Shirt / Navy Heathered Cotton Oxford $230.00 XS > XL [[SPOILER]] Great pattern on this one too: F3A0917 / Miners Shirt / Grey/Navy Heavy Twill Plaid $205.00 XS > XL [[SPOILER]] A staple: F3D0278 / CPO...
1st is the Porter Jacket 2nd is the Norfolk
Taken while testing out the Needles mismatch vans (laceup + slip-on) idea: WWM Shirt (Daiki) Nepenthes NY Vest (3+ years ago) EG Newport Pants (3+ year ago) Right Foot = White Vans Laceup Left Foot = White Vans Slipon
Another Daiki interview: http://www.fashion-press.net/news/6866
^Yeah, they're just moving on from Pitti, as it's turned into a whole other beast when they first started showing. They'll still be showing in NYC and Tokyo.
Thanks for the heads up. They're in the area, so that's perfect.
Anyone know where to get the Cabourn x Converse Plimsoles in the US, preferably California? I'm guessing the same shops that carried the Bosey Boots, but the ones I knew of were in NYC and Boston (Bodega). BTW, olive boseys working out great. The Ventile breaths better than expected. Tend to pair olive fatigues with them.
Couple EG pics from the ol' tumblr
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