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Gary still has some options for Medium and Large in FW12 at 30-40% off: Mediums (minus the CPO shirt): Quilted Chesterfield Coat / Navy Wool Uniform Serge Large: Workshirt in indigo denim Western Shirt in blackwatch (pictured above) Lined Bedford Jacket / 60% Poly - 40% Wool Grey Homespun Jersey Navy 20oz Melton Baker Quilted Chesterfield (pictured above)
Gary, thanks for all the help over the years in acquiring the tough to find pieces. Hopefully the service will pick up at a later time.Oil Polloi has posted an interview of Daiki by Shinya Hasegawa, designer of Battenwear. It's one of the better, if not the best interview of Daiki to date. Certainly my favorite. Check it out here: http://www.oipolloi.com/engineered-garments-homemade-in-hells-kitchen
This year's field jacket isn't too bad. One of the nicer one's of recent years. Like the skirt and the shape and length of the pocket flaps. My favorite version (FW07):
Best to give MAC a call rather than through e-mail. They will be closed on vacation and putting their FW stock to warehouse until sometime next week (starting today or tomorrow).
Nice. I'm going to have to find something in that fabric this season.(FWK)(FWK)(jacket not EG)(jacket not EG)
MAC in SF is having a sale with 50% off of Nigel Cabourn. They had a full size run of the Dark Brown Wool Mallory and matching pants when I was in early last week.
^^^I have two quick-release belts from Mr. Hardy and have compared them to one from EG and they are identical. Check out Mister Crew's post for details on his order: http://mistercrew.com/blog/2012/10/02/quick-release-belts/
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