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Depends on how you style it. Worth going to a Vans store and trying it out in person. It would work well with the actual Needles versions (in those drab colors), but I didn't find a Vans equivalent that would work. You could try dying the white Vans versions to get something sort of equivalent without shelling out too much for the real deal.
Quoting Gary's post so that it doesn't get lost in all the photos. The Workshirt in Navy Heather Cotton Oxford is at the top of the "Shirting" pics above.I'll be uploading everything to my photobucket account, including the pics that I don't post here (usually more detailed shots that don't need to muck up the thread). I'll post the link in my signature.
I wear the vests with button down shirts and never with jeans. Always with slacks, fatigues, chinos, etc. not necessarily with a tie, but ties help. Throw a jacket or even a cardigan over if weather permits. But remember, no rules. Work it out with your wardrobe. Could work with a tee. I've worn blue vests with a blue tee underneath.
Short snippet Video of the SS14 runway show at a nepenthes the other night. If you look closely you can see Mr. Drinkwater in the background. http://nickwooster.com/post/56266941971/engineered-garments-at-nepenthes-new-york#
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