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As for sizing, there are at least three factors with each season: 1. The size is based on Daiki. He is the medium, every season. So if his weight shifts, which it does once in a while, you'll get different fits. 2. They pre-wash almost everything prior to getting it to shops. This causes all sorts of for fluctautions based on the fabrics of each piece. This, different fits between the same designs in different fabrics. 3. They do also adjust based on demand. Note that the...
What might help bring some light on the whole EG exclusivity deal, EG has a policy (don't know if it's a policy or part of the contract) to sell to only a handful of shops in each area (maybe so that the shops don't have to compete with each other too much). Each shop can buy as much as they'd like (bureau Belfast buys a giant load every season), but most have a limited budget to work with. Since the collections are so big shops can't possibly pick up everything and so you...
Extra-NYC is no longer around. Too bad, was a great shop. They (Koji) never really carried much EG in store, more of a destination for Post Overalls, probably had the largest collection in the country. In case anyone's curious, the EG team has been the same size over the past several years at 10 people in the office. The photos of the showroom makes it look like the place is bigger than it is, but that's almost half of their entire office space.
The SA at MAC (Scott) said that they picked up a lot of leopard print this season. Their FWK pickups tend to be better than the men's.
Gentry has their first delivery online
@Drinkwaters, your short essays are always enlightening and i always look forward to them. On a side note, the grey/navy work shirt in medium was a perfect fit and the colors work with virtually everything in my FW wardrobe. Thanks! Spread collar shirt is back. Wonder how similar they are to the Newton shirts from FW06 (first EG shirt I ever purchased was the FW06 Newton from the long gone American Rag in SF).
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