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Available for trade or sale. Looking for stuff in L tops, L or XL bottoms 19th Century BD in M (fits L). Currently on eBay. Workaday Fatigues in Blue HB Cotton size M Non-EG: Post Overalls Size M, some loose thread
^lots of Japanese folk seem to be able to make it work (not to generalize all Japanese folks and their heights, but yeah I kind of am). Depends on what you have on top. If you're going for a sleek look then these won't help. If you're layering it out and keeping everything loose then it's doable.
Field shirt jacket FW07
Yeah this season's bush shirt, via MAC
Can take better pics as needed. Looking for stuff in large. Navy pants in 36. Brown Corduroy pants in L or XL or 36. Shirts in large. SS09 Camp Shirt in Medium (need this in L) Workaday Blue Herringbone, some fading, Size M (need this in L too)
And in case you guys haven't already seen this on my tumblr, thought it was a good one of Daiki many moons ago (photo credit to Masahiro Noguchi):
Images from multiple sources
Nice pickups as usual Gary
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