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The vest is Crescent Down Works:
@modual - If you wanted to extend the use into fall/winter and depending how cold it is where you are, I'd probably wear some shorts over it for extra warmth. But for fabric it's really best used for spring/summer and you would just need to stick with the grays, blacks and whites. This would work pretty well with a simple white shirt and black shoes and a vest.
I'm in the back left wearing the SS15 Aviator and an EG tote bag from a couple years ago with added shoulder strap.
By the way, short little rant about EG here on my IG. Thoughts welcome: #engineeredgarments The mocking question is often asked "Are your garments actually engineered?" Considering that the inspiration for the garments tend to be military, workwear, or sportswear (hunting & fishing), where garment features are designed for specific purposes and uses, such as to hold extra supplies, pockets in convenient places for maps, linings at the...
After doing a short binge of sewing lately, looking at that field parka, there's a shit ton of seeing work in that thing. You're paying for a whole lot of labor there. Back in the earlier days of EG, they used to include little sewing details here and there, such as red piping at the seams for almost all of the pants and complicated seams and pleats in jackets, which they had to start foregoing due to price hikes for labor (cost of doing business in NYC and the fabric...
Would be interested in pieces in Large from more recent seasons or Medium in older seasons (during the larger fitting years) that are damaged or ripped or hadn't originally though selling due to something like that (stains too and whatever).
Bangkok last week in +90F/near 100%humidity - EG SS11 Cinch Vest, navy embroidery - 45rpm Tee, circa 2009 - EG SS15 Fatigue Shorts - Island Slipper, Navy Suede
This is as good as I could get it:Jacket/Vest/Shirt = Post OverallsCoat = EG Chambray fishtail parka worn like a backpack using the interior strapsPants = OrSlowShoes = Nigel Cabourn x Converse
Available for trade or sale. Looking for stuff in L tops, L or XL bottoms 19th Century BD in M (fits L). Currently on eBay. Poper Shirt in M (might have been a sample) SS14 Long Beach Shorts in Tiki, Size L
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