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Glitch fixed and put my order through. Went with the WWI Denim Pants (with the big thigh pocket).
Thanks for the input. Looks like they took all Nigel's cabourn down from Marrkt.
Not much a fit pic, but more showing off an older piece. FW07 Shooting Jacket, based off an old Redhead hunting jacket (for the vintage heads). Worn with vintage WWII wool battledress pants (think Nigel Cabourn's pants with that big left thigh pocket).
Is there any chance the prices on Markkt will drop soon or am I holding out for nothing?
Most of the time tucked. Don't like the untucked look when layered with a coat or jacket or parka unless there's a vest or sweater of the right length to break it up (need to have the right amount of shirt sticking out at the bottom). Even then wear it tucked most of the time.When I do go untucked without anything over it I'll either go with it completely unbuttoned (with a tee underneath of course...most of the time lol) or with the top 3 or four buttons buttoned only so...
Sorry for the low quality pics and excuse the mess. Don't have a good setup for mirror photos. This is the best I could do. Worn with vintage British Battledress trousers and EG hunting jacket (too hot in SF today to wear this around outside).
In case anyone's interested, the pants are based off of an American hunting pants design which incorporated extra fabric at the legs to guard against thorns and such when walking through bush. Pretty cool feature.
Picked these up last week at the SF Converse shop. Was considering returning them until I put them on with some British Battledress trousers (the ones with the front left map pocket). They're perfect. They mimic the shoes with the ankle cover that the WWII British soldiers used to wear.
Clearing up space in the closet. PM me for more pics and measurements and shipping calculations. I'll give this a few days before throwing them on eBay. HB Wool Bedford, FW15, Size XL, $200 plus shipping 19th BD, M, $65 plus shipping WWM Upland Shirt, M, $80 plus shipping Pants (forgot the name), 34, $65 plus shipping RARE Wool/Cotton Binoculars shirt, tagged XL, but fits M or S, $100 plus shipping Shirt Jacket, FW weight cotton denim-like, Size M, $125...
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