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im 5'10" and skinny as hell. i like: - natural and close shoulder - fair amount of waist suppression - single breasted - low to middle stance 2 button - flat front trousers - double vents basically a english silhouette with a neopolitan shoulders???
i play at pokerstars mainly. best interface, but not many fish. for online limit i recommend reading winning low limit poker by lee jones and also the book by carson.
Lebron no doubt. Amare is in the same age bracket, but he seems susceptible should he have any serious type of leg/ankle injury. I mean he's a monster but like 90% of his points are from nasty dunks? If he develops his mid range game more than I guess he could compete with lebron. How about these two as a tandem
black af1 sheeds sidenote:- anyone notice that sneaker bracket comp thing at espn? theyre voting on the best sneaker of all time. the final 3 are jordan iii, jordan xi and the air max 95
so has anyone got the patrick bateman figure yet? mini-review please
wheres the option for xenu
feed me a stray cat
thanks for the replies so far ill have a look into those labels
I was considering writing a business plan to open a premium streetwear store in australia that stocked upcoming and popular US streetwear labels. If you were opening a store in the US in this market what labels would you stock? I'm trying to think of brands that are between the American jackass look and totally underground. In Australia popular brands are ben Sherman, diesel, tsubi, and a little pdc. I'm thinking of stocking brands like pdc, earnest sewn, trovata, yoko...
Proposed ending: Game tied. Sheed knocks downs a baseline jumper over an outstretched TD at the buzzer for the championship and to absolve himself of all blame for Game 5. Go Detroit....
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