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Meso, Is this the same boot thatoneguy wears so well? Fairbanks
I think Coco nailed it......particularly the fullness of the sleeves.
Del Dios?
SVB, Are you sure you're really an ESQ? This comment is so nice, humble, classy, and refined, it calls your qualifications into question.
Yes, but never barefoot....sadly.
Auximenes, Valencia?
Well they are offering free shipping.......Beautiful console Kaplan
Dapp, Most door frames are 6' 8" high. It may be the angle, but you appear to be really close to that height. If so, you did an amazing job with this fit.
Check out BraidKid and Kiya's posts. These will show your the range/potential of Iron Heart. We will pray for you.
Thanks for admitting that your reaction is irrational Brad. Lots of things can cause anger, rational and irrational. Most experts agree however that YELLING at others when we find we are IRRITATED is not HEALTHY. Just sayin
New Posts  All Forums: