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Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams s[/url] Uploaded with Dieser Anblick schmerzt mich im tiefsten Inneren meines Herzens.
I just checked the brogueing on my Vass and have to admit: it is far away from being perfect - whatever that means...
I especially like the first pair of shoes made of scotchgrain, really nice, fritzl!
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Nothing I could wear or would want to wear, but it's great, especially because of the dark (black?) tie!
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl that's the way... 100% agreement. And + 1 for DocHolliday's statements.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton As a committed gray odd jacket h8er, I cannot explain why I am lately drawn to the combination of a gray flannel suit jacket (preferably DB) worn with white or off white trousers. No other trouser color tempts me at all. Below are some AA illustrations that show the look. My other books don't seem to have any photos of real people wearing this. Maybe I missed them, or maybe this was one of those looks that the AA...
Black suits became popular after WWI, at least in Germany, because men, who weren't able anymore to buy a dinner jacket (not to mention a tailcoat) or a morning coat, bought a black suit. In the daytime they combined it with morning trousers (and wore it as a stroller), if necessary and in the evening they wore the black suit with vest and a dark bow tie as a substitute for the dinner jacket. So the black suit was a compromise and compomises are seldom stylish. Anyhow,...
If all the trousers fit the same and if you only have paid 25-50 $ per pair of trousers, I would keep them all.
In the 30s they paired the gabardine jacket with flannel trousers: I don't really care for gabardine, but if I wore a gabardine jacket, gray flannels would be my choice.
If I wanted to wear that jacket, I would change the regular buttons to mother of pearl buttons. Otherwise the jacket just looks .... odd.
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