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Square-toed shoes are generally indicative of cheaper (read: crappy) construction in leather shoes.But for some reason, designers decided they looked nice and started incorporating them into their designs.
Hey all, I'm a poor university student, frequent SF lurker, and avid thrifter. I recently obtained several pairs of shoes ($5-20 each). I tend to dress older than I am; suits are very common for me, but my standard outfit is a good pair of trousers or Levi's with a dress shirt and sport coat; tie on occasion. I was in search of daily beater shoes I wouldn't have to drop a pretty penny on (i.e. Alden; AE; any of the English shoemakers) because I have a tendency to...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Some Chinese and Korean girls might even like you more for using a coupon on the first date. This. But I usually try to somehow end up getting the girl to pay. ...then again I don't really do "dates".
Can't go wrong with plain white shirt and charcoal trousers, IMO.
I wear boxers with my Levi's 514s and never have any problems. I believe it would depend on how tight your jeans fit on you.
Drugs. Women. Music. Thrifting.
Boxer briefs are nice. I've never had a problem with boxers and jeans though. I'm a little confused.
I personally strive for the Eurotrash-Gentleman-Anglophile-Asian Gangster-Metrosexual-Druggie look.
I've personally found many good belts at thrift stores. I usually purchase belts made in Italy, England, and USA that end up having solid leather and buckle and construction quality, and they're always <$10.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola The reason it's expensive to change a jacket to unlined is the effort to pretty up the interior that's covered with the lining. Just removing the lining isn't much effort . Replacing a lining might be cheaper not more expensive. Some fairly expensive jackets come with cupro (rayon?). I'm sure the pros and cons have been discussed. You might want to check the threads. I took quite a bit of time to look...
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