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Price: $75 $85 Shipped (or best offer) Width: 3.5" Length: 58" Made In Italy Picked this up at Bloomingdale's a few years back. Never worn. PayPal only.
Square-toed shoes are generally indicative of cheaper (read: crappy) construction in leather shoes.But for some reason, designers decided they looked nice and started incorporating them into their designs.
Hey all, I'm a poor university student, frequent SF lurker, and avid thrifter. I recently obtained several pairs of shoes ($5-20 each). I tend to dress older than I am; suits are very common for me, but my standard outfit is a good pair of trousers or Levi's with a dress shirt and sport coat; tie on occasion. I was in search of daily beater shoes I wouldn't have to drop a pretty penny on (i.e. Alden; AE; any of the English shoemakers) because I have a tendency to...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Some Chinese and Korean girls might even like you more for using a coupon on the first date. This. But I usually try to somehow end up getting the girl to pay. ...then again I don't really do "dates".
Can't go wrong with plain white shirt and charcoal trousers, IMO.
I wear boxers with my Levi's 514s and never have any problems. I believe it would depend on how tight your jeans fit on you.
Drugs. Women. Music. Thrifting.
Boxer briefs are nice. I've never had a problem with boxers and jeans though. I'm a little confused.
I personally strive for the Eurotrash-Gentleman-Anglophile-Asian Gangster-Metrosexual-Druggie look.
I've personally found many good belts at thrift stores. I usually purchase belts made in Italy, England, and USA that end up having solid leather and buckle and construction quality, and they're always <$10.
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