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How do Odeaons fit compared to the original Cast2 releases? TIghter? Looser?
im looking to cop a pair of Odeons but have no idea what size. ive tried on regular Cast 2's at Kith here in Brooklyn and the 32 fit me right off the rack if not a liiiitle loose in the waist. I was scared theyd stretch but they didnt have a 31. Couldnt even button a 30. what do yall recommend for me?
Does JE normally send out shipping confirmations or just order confirmations? Got the former but not the latter when I ordered some items form the sale last Friday. Anxious to get my hands on em!
whats the consensus on the flatback henleys? Surprised to see these weren't all snatched up, even before the sale...
Are the mocknecks pictured with a long sleeve tee under? It looks like theres three layers to the sleeve detail...
thanks for the tip i have a pair of the GAP collab and i bought my size and its def a size too big but didnt wanna rely on big box sizing...
Does anyone w JE denim have experience with Stampd's denim product (http://www.stampd.com/products/essential-5-pocket-denim-black). JE a liiiitle rich for my blood but want a solid, clean, tapered pair of denim and was hoping someone on here had some comparative experience.
I just tried on the Cast 2 (obsidian) at my local retailer (Kith). The 32s fit me out of the box with little bit of extra room in the waist. Size down to 31 recommended? For reference Im 6ft/180lbs
Is there a difference in the current rider and the pitch black rider? I'm basically a M in all things JE except for the Rider where I'm a L. Curious to see if this SS edition will have a different lining.
my dudes - trying to come up with a strategy to buy the rider jacket (size L) but 16hundo is keeping me up at night. any recommended sale/discount/used strategies?
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