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Are the mocknecks pictured with a long sleeve tee under? It looks like theres three layers to the sleeve detail...
thanks for the tip i have a pair of the GAP collab and i bought my size and its def a size too big but didnt wanna rely on big box sizing...
Does anyone w JE denim have experience with Stampd's denim product (http://www.stampd.com/products/essential-5-pocket-denim-black). JE a liiiitle rich for my blood but want a solid, clean, tapered pair of denim and was hoping someone on here had some comparative experience.
I just tried on the Cast 2 (obsidian) at my local retailer (Kith). The 32s fit me out of the box with little bit of extra room in the waist. Size down to 31 recommended? For reference Im 6ft/180lbs
Is there a difference in the current rider and the pitch black rider? I'm basically a M in all things JE except for the Rider where I'm a L. Curious to see if this SS edition will have a different lining.
my dudes - trying to come up with a strategy to buy the rider jacket (size L) but 16hundo is keeping me up at night. any recommended sale/discount/used strategies?
i second this. Kith getting em?
i fit your physical description and rock an M in all my JE tees (mercer, u-neck and expo). The sweats are a different story. Ive found the Villain totally depends on the fabric (the gray fits tighter than the black, and stretches less).
ive got several fits of JE tees and im a M in them. Also M in escobars and the fishtail crew but def a L in the rider and snap overshirts. not to say its a proportional sizing for everyone else
New Kith spot in BK has got boucle but they're tights not escos/baselines. Zips up the achilles. Picked up the Fishtail Crew in black. Loving it. Pairs as well with my Unecks as it does with my Expo.
New Posts  All Forums: