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Does anyone have any fit pics of the Expo Tee yet? Would love to see how it looks on a non-model.
yeah, read that. Still doesn't look as deep as the U.I guess ill find out shortly
is this confirmed? Doesn't look as deep as the U to my eyes.
if they were "just t-shirts" i dont think we'd be jizzin our drawers for 650 pages over them would we? I meant how does the elongated fit match with a shorter blazer? Anyone have pics?
thank you for addressing my query but you got the wrong topic!Can anyone help me out? Thoughts on this type a combo?
Most fits I've seen on the thread pair JE layered items together. Trying to dress up my tees a bit and I wanted to know if anyone has attempted to layer any of the tees under more traditional sports jackets etc? Would love to see some looks that aren't "all-JE-everything".
I know this has been discussed but I've been unable to find a definitive answer: Does the co-mix fit tighter/shorter than the standard material tee's? I'm particularly interested in the U-beck but don't want it to be too flappy-in-the-wind so i wanna err on the side of fitted. Thanks in advance!
thanks, very cool. any chance of the clash crew coming back in charcoal at some point?
can someone tell me what the moon tee is?
ditto but medium for me.... anybody? Bueller?
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