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Downsizing, take advantage! 80 for 1 150 for 2 180 for 3 All mediums, all light worn and in great condition.
Retails at Trunk Clothiers for $400, I'll go major discount and throw in shipping for $125 all in (if you're in US). Comes with a nice off-white dust bag as well. From Trunk website: This Whitehouse Cox bag is an ideal tote for everyday use, with ample storage for daily essentials, plus a change of clothing or some shopping. The bag's sturdy cotton webbing straps fit comfortably over the shoulder for easy carrying. The bag is handcrafted in England from heavy English...
Hey Mike - Just my monthly update request on the joggers. What are we looking at time wise? When will we see samples? Decided on color ways?
I've had these hemmed at Self Edge 1.5 inches Worn for a month or so, no significant fading yet. Here's a link to the specific jean on Mr. Porter: https://www.mrporter.com/product/342836 Check my other posts for combined sale/shipping
PM me for any specifics. All shirts are size medium. Lightly worn but in mint condition. Shipping depending on location. If you buy more than one we can work out a deal
Great news on the joggers. Any news on fabrics? Colorways? Will the cuff contrast? Do I ask too many questions?!
Hey Mike - Remember those ribbed-cuff Rivets you were talking up awhile back? Still on the agenda? Would love to get an idea of when as I'm holding off on buying these from some ridiculous sneakerstore as I know the epla version will kick all others to the proverbial curve!
CYC got this down. I'm wearing my Kumagai sweats right now and can attest to the quality, fit and feel (http://shop.reigningchamp.com/products/reigning-champ-x-kumagai-heavyweight-fleece-sweatpant-black) Doug Barber is also the nicest brandman in the game.
excited to see/hear more about this rib cuffed chino. How far out? Any details you can offer?
New Posts  All Forums: