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any special instruction to keep the fidelity and look as close to original as possible? Is it a "pinch" as another user said earlier?
Have any of yall had the waist on your cast2s taken in? My 32s have stretched. Im happy with the legs/thighs but the waist requires constant hiking (and i really dont want to wear a belt). Do you guys recommend just taking these to a tailor and asking to take in a half inch?
Which stretches more in the waist - Springs or Neros?
looks somewhere between plumas and springs...if it was one of the two, woudlnt it call that out at the bottom of the product page?
Are we really at the point that we consider a "few washes" to be a "beating"???
ive got somewhere between 10-15 tees. The co-mix joints last so much better than the standard. Those form holes pretty easily...
Raschel shorts on the rack at Kith on flatbush for $188. Nice piece and cut but can't justify spending money on dry clean only bball shorts... Can anyone comment on the extent to which their Nero/Odeon/Zincs have blown out in the knee? Do they become unwearable?
Are we sure this is a feature of the jacket and not a imperfection on that mirror in the pic? I assumed it was the mirror...
My Springs' tag said "Main Line". Which denim is main line and which are seasonal?
i went true to size (32) and the waist is maybe a tad too big but sizing down was just way too tight and the waist is nothing a good tailor cant fix.
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