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Two questions: Is it worth sending shoes to Allen Edmonds to have the heels redone instead of a good local cobbler? I have a pair of Lombards (rubber AE soles) and not sure if I should send them in or take it to my local cobbler for Vibram heels. Bourbon belts, I have a Manistee Bourbon but what is another good basic dark brown to pickup (aside from AE DB belt)? Thank you.
Thanks for the info! Howard Yount looks promising I just need to read more about their sizing. Epaulet I will have to keep an eye on for sizes. Much Appreciated
I am needing some new trousers for the office, as normal office attire only has me in a suit twice a month for compliance meetings. My usual go to has been Brooks Brothers (Fitzgerald fit)but the cut and materials/patterns has not really wow'ed me as of late. For a daily wool/worsted wool pant what are some brands around the $200-$250 per pant range? Thank you
I have been a lurker on this forum as it has been a great resource of information. Lately I have been looking into improving my shoe care as I am on my feet all day training or traveling. My closet has about 12 pairs of Allen Edmond's which I have always used Allen Edmond's shoe care products on, they look good but not amazing. Is the change to Saphir worth an investment to change my shoe care regimen over to? I was thinking about starting with a small order to test on a...
I have to ask, as I am trying to learn about the bold sock pant/shoe combo. Growing up I was always told to match my dress socks to the dress slacks, which has been my mentality forever to this point. Going through this thread it looks like a combination of matching socks to shoes or socks accenting the color of the pants. Which is a rule of thumb to start with when selecting these bolder socks? Should I start with patterns but using the same primary color as the...
Patriot fans: How does the 6 last size compared to the 2 last? Would I need to go down a side with the wider forepart in the 6 last?
I was wondering about that! Darn they sounded tempting, but if I go any slimmer that button on the chest is going to be pulling on the shirt. Appreciate the info!
Two Question: I wear 16/35 Brooks Brother slim, does it pair up well with CT 16/35 slim offerings? I saw discussion with the superslim. What discount codes are you finding for the 20% off? Thinking about trying some of the CT's for my office casual days.
Some great and bold combinations in this thread. Where do you all find your patterned socks? I feel a need to step up the sock game after the thread, and didn't know where you find such great patterns/colors from. Normally shop Nordstroms/Brooks Brothers online but any other reputable places would be appreciated.
So the time has come to replace my shoes! I have heard going from the Blucher into the Balmoral style will also affect width. Should I attempt a 10EE and 10E Mcallister for comparison? unfortunately I do not have an AE location locally to try these width/size combos.Thanks Much!
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