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I'm able to do proxies from NYC for a small fee if anyone is interested. Please PM me, thanks.
This isn't directly related to the shirts but for future reference: I used G&G for some denim also but noticed after I got home that one of the threads was already starting to slightly come undone. I dropped a couple things off at 26 Elizabeth in Chinatown and they seemed more knowledgeable and actually less expensive. Going to pick up the stuff later tonight so I'll let you know if they're any good.
Price drop - $95 shipped.
Have a pair of Nudie Slim Jim in Dry Broken Twill for sale. I picked these up at Barney's a few months ago and as you can see they are tagged 29x32. For some reason the actual inseam measures about 30" exactly so I think they might have been mislabeled at the factory. Didn't bother me too much because I'm short and would have had to had these tailored if they were a true 32". They have only been cold washed once and were tumble dried (no heat). Anyways, the fit is a...
It may take slightly longer the first few times as you are getting used to it, but honestly after that it is pretty much the exact same as far as I'm concerned. I switched over to a safety razor about a year and a half ago and would never dream of going back to using a cartridge razor.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChiliPalmer Alternatively, you could behave like a mature adult and not drink so much as to intoxicate yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Ask more people. Honestly, it's the only way. (I'm a dentist, patient referrals are everything!) +1. Word of mouth is everything.
My advice to you is to start drinking heavily. This has the added bonus of making hipster girls slightly bearable to listen to.
Quote: Originally Posted by svelten Live in Canada. Free health care.
I would check out Uniqlo if you can.
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