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Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs A sample of these came through the plant the other day so we could match colors and finishes for the leather, the darker brown shoe on the left. It looked great.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Quick question, do you have any favorites among the shoe brands that use your product? Don't make me choose! I love all the brands that use our leather... I do have a couple of favorite pairs of shoes, for sure. I have a pair of black cordovan Bally Scribe wingtips from the late 80's that I got married in, and the new 1000 Mile Boot from Wolverine is going to be seeing regular rotation as soon as I can...
I know this thread has slowed down, but I wanted to make a few comments... First, thanks to everyone with keen eyes and an appreciation for quality products. I think how I feel about shell cordovan goes without saying. Specifically, RIDER, thanks for the praise! I wanted to correct your Italian source: Quote: Originally Posted by RIDER But, the main difference is the supply of raw material, not the process of the tanneries so much. The...
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