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Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII The thing is...and make no mistake I think it is a fine leather...is that chromexel is an "oil stuffed" leather. What does that mean? Abandon all hope of a high shine...or even more than a gleam. Chromexcel won't take a shine like shell, but it shines up pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggie_Robs I wear my Indies in the rain with no worries. They're more waterproof than my desert boots, which will leak in a rainstorm. I hate wet socks. The leather used in the original Indy (405) is actually considered waterproof. The other two versions are quite oily and waxy, which make them very water resistant. I wear mine in the rain all the time. While the leathers are water resistant/proof, the actual...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII I thought that was probably Horween leather...what was it? Latigo? Chrome excel? Chromexcel, though it's impossible to tell from the video.
The best part of the video was the American Pull-Up Leather...
A guy that puts too much product on his shoes?
Those look like veins - many hides have them. Often times they are very difficult to see when the leather is flat on a table (while cutting, for example). Certain lighting causes them to jump out, like in the picture shown.
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser No known US stockists then? I've tried emailing them again to no avail. Maybe i'll have to give them a call. North American Stockists include: Bergdorf Goodman - NYC Bodega - Boston Holt Renfrew - Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary Lavish & Squalor - Toronto Opening Ceremony - NYC & LA Philippe Dubuc - Montreal Saks 5th Ave. - NYC Steven Alan - NYC This might have been answered already, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by brax There is an inherent problem with getting a shell cordovan wallet. A shell is much thicker than traditional leather. Some shells are thicker than others, but it really does make for an amazing wallet. Some patterns require more skill and skiving than others, but shell in it's completed state is a relative reasonable thickness, especially as far as some leather goes.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Tactfully said, Nick. Not to say that there's anything inherently wrong with making them in India, but if they're really going after the Florsheim-retro vibe and charm, they really should be making them in the US. Especially if they're going to be priced in the AE to Alden range. I think everything should be made in the US, so I'm useless in this conversation
Quote: Originally Posted by robin They're made in India. Some of them use leather from Horween, but I don't know which ones. Some of colors are our leather - yellow, both blues, bone, red/burgundy, and, of course, the shell. http://horween.wordpress.com/2009/07...-duckie-brown/ I can't speak on the construction, as I only saw a couple of the shoes very briefly, but it didn't seem unreasonable. I will say that they're taking a renewed...
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