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I feel your pain. Last summer I got scammed and - (very) long story short - my eBay and Paypal accounts were suspended. I managed to get Paypal back, though I've since sworn it off, but eBay demanded a utility bill. I sent them a copy of my drivers license, bank statements, numerous emails and documentation, but they INSIST on a utility bill. Being a student, I haven't one. eBay can go fornicate itself.
I know there are already a million threads, but I read them all before ordering. I sized down 2 and ended up with a 30. Well, they just arrived and they're hard to button up. I know everyone goes on and on about how they stretch, but is it for really that much, or is it just stretching in the eyes of an anorexic-model-body-type? The waist itself is tight but could be worse - the most uncomfortable area right now is the thighs. Do they really give out? What about after the...
Second the military surplus suggestion. That's where I got mine and it's served me very well these last few winters.
Thanks Mr. Checks. Going against the frat-boy-aesthetic can be harsh, but I get a good deal of complements as well. I might take my chances with the 9.5, but I've got to assess the damage after buying books for school. Still very much open to suggestions.
Yes, that 78 pounds is awfully appealing. A 9.5UK wouldn't be on the small side? Unfortunately I've never dealt with UK-sizing before.
Thanks for the link, I wish the ones in my size were 65 pounds though. With shipping, a 10.5 would be around 110 pounds, vs. 122 new at CT. I don't suppose they run freakishly large? edit - ignore that, I was looking at the non-seconds pair. I've read a UK 10.5 = a US 11? The nearest sizes I see are the UK9.5 linked above, and a pair of 11s. Unless they run oddly those sizes sound either a bit too small or a bit too big. Also, 'seconds' merely implies an imperfection in...
Hi guys. Long time lurker, first time poster. I was hoping you guys could help me out with some shoe suggestions. Every time I have a dressier event lined up (well, dressy as it gets at university) I'm SOL with shoes. Additionally, I'd like to switch off my sneaks sometimes when I'm wearing my denim. So, I did a few searches and I really like these monkstraps, and I think they'd be perfect for the dress up/dress down angle -...
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