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Quote: Originally Posted by Jupiter Room Roppongi is shit, except for Space Lab Yellow. The clubs in Shibuya are much better. What he said. Roppongi hardly feels like Japan there are so many foreigners. Also, expect several sketchy Nigerian guys to poke your shoulder and ask, "you like titty?" If you want to club, I had a lot of fun going to Club Atom in Shibuya when I was there. Trance and Shibuya galz. -Roppongi Hills I hear is nice...
I have a problem with grinding my teeth at night. I've been wearing a nightguard when I sleep for like 5 or 6 years now. If this were an ongoing problem I'd recommend you get fitted for one by a dentist, as I've tried the over-the-counter ones and they fit kinda uncomfortably. That said, since it's a new problem for you it might be a good idea to give it a shot. You'll be saving your enamel and it should help with the jaw, that's been my experience anyway.
I studied at Waseda in Tokyo and loved it. Never a dull moment. A lot of people will tell you "you're in Tokyo you wont speak any Japanese" but it's really what you make of it. Some kids on my prog just partied nonstop and didn't get much out of it language-wise. But they did the same thing on the portion of the program that was in the countryside. Some kids stayed in all the time. Just gotta find a balance. I'm thinking about doing my spring semester abroad, I've got...
Hey, I've been using Duac for daytime, Triaz for wash/scrub, Tazorac for night, and 2x a day pill (forget the name) since late high school (I'm a senior right now at uni). I find that this stuff keeps it relatively steady but doesn't stomp it out. Anyway just a tip about Duac - be very careful with your clothes/sheets/etc. The benzoyl peroxide has bleached a number of my shirts.
Nice chukkas, they fit me well. Thanks
Maybe he'll bite the kid sauce Chloe doesn't bother me that much, but I was laughing when it only took like 2 seconds of screen time before she did her "I'm in a bitchy mood" face.
I don't like the Febreeze smell that much, but I use it every few weeks. Sometimes I'll spray a little cologne on. I think I might give my Nudies a quick soak one of these days though.
Tomorrow's conclusion looks badass. I want to see Jack pwn that punk ass kid who was bitching about his name being mispronounced.
^^^ what he said. iTunes is easy, clean interface, iPod, and no one's making you buy music with it. My music comes from CDs, soulseek, dc++ and Ares.
I think some L.L. Bean comes in tall
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