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Quote: Originally Posted by TowleY lol yea. eventaully. in due time gimme 7 years when i graduate dental school making 300k a year. Then ill be able to fit into anything i want! haha. Only reason I was ablee to do 3 miles is because I used to play soccer. And when I used to run I used to do 2.5 to 3 miles in a session, 2 sessions a day. I refuse to do any less. Doing Hookah didnt help. I even quit that until my trip to florida. Then no more until June...
Japan only appears more free from an outsider's perspective. Things like used panty fetishists and super violent and sexual cartoon porn aren't reflective of a radically free society free of Western puritanism; rather, they are a sort of pressure valve for the intense societal constraints of everyday life. There is a sort of forced conformity called tatemae that serves to maintain communal harmony and avoid disturbances. Even when people disagree it comes across as"Yes,...
I went to a couple with friends when I was at Waseda. There were lots of creepy loner guys, young and old (they're everywhere in Akiba), and surprisingly a few male/female pairs as well. It was pretty expensive- you had to pay for food, conversation, games and photos, if inclined. We just ordered some iced coffees. The maid pours the milk and stirs it for you. We played Jenga with our meido and chatted her up a bit haha... she got all hush-hush and said she wasn't really...
Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt can you post pics of how they look now... im curious to see what they look like scuffed and stuff. Sure. I took a few shots of the most scuffed up areas:
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~ I bought a pair of these last spring and I've been really happy with them. The design on the sides is unique but still subtle.
No. No. NO. Anyone want to organize a team to go assassinate whoever's responsible for this? If anyone's interested in the show go pick it up now before this abomination comes out, it's really beautifully made and I'd say my favorite anime.
No problem with Domino's either, nice and easy for late night snack. My friends and I ordered a lot back when I lived on campus.
Careful with benching if you're having any pain. My friend added weight really rapidly (he was on a heavy creatine routine at the time) and ended up hurting his shoulder, he even had to go in for surgery.
^ If it's just a few seconds I'll ride it but in general keep your foot off the clutch as much as possible, it'll last much longer that way. One of my friends used to keep it in waiting for red lights :\\ Good for you guys, 5sp is much more fun.
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