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Wow fourteen miles? I bet it was pretty treacherous back in the day. Hope you have some more Alfa pics for us
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg A few weeks ago I convinced a coworker (she was a big McCain/Palin fan) that Obama was considering shutting down the internet due to the recession. Had a bunch of people in on it. Fun times.
Nurburgring is open for anyone to drive right? I'm not too familiar with it but I work at a private track and people talk about it quite a bit. I take it from all those awesome mid-air pics that there are a lot of elevation changes eh?
Those 'I'm a Mac' ads really annoyed me. The Mac is supposed to be superior because he's a smug metrosexual asshole? And the polite 'stable' PC guy gets ridiculed? What kind of values are those to promote? That said, it definitely generated a lot of buzz, which I suppose is the point.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField ?? Most of them are quite average. Dude, you need to get out more. I think we need to up your "girls that are hot" meter. I loved when he told that obese black girl that she has a non-existent palet and that she clearly loves her food. I fucking love this man. I saw that episode. "I can see you love your food but.."
I'd say to stick with colors that'll work with the rest of the stuff, which shouldn't be hard. Sounds like you've got a lot of monochrome and such. I'm partial to blues and greens. Sperry's are nice and flexible, but aesthetically I like the sole better on the originals Don't have much experience with the flannel/blazer pairing. I think you can get away with the messenger and backpack.
Offering a friendly reply is grounds for derision? Fuck off. To the OP, I forgot to add that I'd avoid used cars. My friends who went that route (an Audi A8 and a BMW Z4) ended up with mechanical issues and neither car had high mileage. Parts for both were naturally expensive and hard to track down. The Z4 it seemed like every month something was going out. For the A8 he started having engine trouble and we found small cracks around hard to spot areas of the engine...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField I'd swear from far away that it's like a giant ford focus or an acura. Yea it resembles a TL from the side
I hired one several years ago because I wanted to get into working out but didn't have the time to research routines etc. My advice would be to learn a routine and how to use stuff then go solo cause it'll get pricey pretty quick.
^ Yea, keep it as minimal as possible. I overpacked on study abroad and I was charged a hefty fee by the airline for exceeding the weight limit. I also didn't end up wearing some stuff due to weather, etc. I would def not bring something you'll only wear once or twice
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