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Nice thread. Not sure if they quite fit the bill, perhaps more contemporary than you were thinking, but a few Fantastic Plastic Machine songs come to mind: First Class '77 Samba de Minha Namoradinho Whistle Song Belinda May (Morricone remix) Here's Morricone's original too
^ +1 People around here can be pretty goddamn elitist. I was browsing one of the old 'What are you Wearing' threads and some guy, forget who, had an A&F button down shirt with some raw denim. The shirt fit better than the denim (looked like too sized down imo), but just the brand of the shirt interrupted the circle jerk and his post was followed with hate like "dude goin to the frat party 2night?" etc. It's like you said, being anonymously rude to strangers on the...
What's with all the stoner shit? Who buys a belt with a goddamn marijuana leaf on it? Some of the looks aren't bad tho.. anyone have any experience with their cords?
Whopper Sacrifice: Ditch 10 Friends, Get a Free Whopper Quote: Whopper Sacrifice: Ditch 10 Friends, Get a Free Whopper by Eick · January 7th, 2009 · 88 Comments As I noted in my post below, Burger King has just unveiled their new Angry Whopper. As many companies are now doing, they've tapped into Facebook and created an application to help promote it. But this Facebook application is a bit....different. Instead of encouraging you to join a group, find...
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 This should be obvious to even the densest of morons. Suggesting against used cars because your buddies bought out of warranty luxury cars with accident damage is laughable. As I said early, both were low-mileage, not to mention from reputable dealers. Nevertheless, I advised them against buying. Despite your condescension, many intelligent people who aren't car-literate DO buy used only by putting...
Great story. Returns with L.L. Bean are always a breeze.
Quote: Originally Posted by crease You should checkout the Samsung U600. This thing is so thin it is unbelievable. I bought this phone last year from , love it. Never had a battery life problem but then again I charge every night.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Not all products work, though. Those strips never worked for me. Me either. Then again I could only get about halfway thru because they made my teeth ridiculously sensitive. I swear they must strip the enamel or something.
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