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HC grenadine tie? PoP and PetePan - The Love Letters? fxh's book of jokes?[Sorry couldn't resist]What about a day trip or experience together - doing something you both like - that could be sentimental...failing that jewellery works well if you know what you are doing.
54 / XL if anyone wants to send a Christmas present to Australia....
Pete - If your price range is $2000 your local Henry Bucks is probably a good bet. Think they have some Eidos stuff which is fantastic - though probably not full length.
I take my standard size. 9.5 UK in Carmina, C&J etc and I take a 43.5-44. I know Christian is usually fast to respond so might be worth asking him.
I usually wear 54R and tried on the jacket in 52R and fit was good. Very tempted.
25% off all orders on Chirstian Kimber X Eidos at with code "EidosFamily" until Thursday 10th December. Great deal. Get on it.
Subscribed. Love HC products and the service is second to none.
Wish I had bought that Black Watch DJ....
All the best TBM. I know you will look smart and, more importantly, the message will be strong. Let us know how you go.
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