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Gives me a great opportunity to improve my scroll skill. For me big slabs of text/insults that drag on bore me....but fine skim them if they make others happy. I am always interested in reading about other topics and do not mind some divergence but that is not really what I come here for.Yes Foxy, as my wardrobe, vast library of books and bank balance show.But really going to give this no (OK very limited) no purchase thing a shot - mostly to save but also because I really...
Price Drop.
Price Drop.
T Thoughts are with you and your family. So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself and each other. AJB
@gezzaseyes - this is you right? With a Kimber square?
Did I miss something? (No surprise if I did).
There is an old saying - "Don't judge a country by its leader." (or similar). Hopefully for Bale you can replace country with product and leader with marketing....
Email them - they might be able to sort something out. I had them send me to a Freight Forwarder for shipping to Australia when I got my first Eidos piece.
Pretty sure Lavato is the washed cut. @nickpollica did a post on them all in this thread a while ago - just search the thread.Am guessing this is what you got - https://www.haberdashmen.com/products/washed-cashmere-blazer/eidos-napoli//4551520____ Did you manage to find it on sale?
New Posts  All Forums: