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When looking for well dressed at The Brownlow you always have to wait for Mike Fitzpatrick to come out. Tim Watson sometimes does OK too.
Fair enough. This was round my way, I promise.
A couple of good Op Shop buys today. The Great Beauty on DVD - $3. Pair of RRL jeans - $8.
Be honest - did you just want a new PJ suit?Only joking TBM. Many congratulations again. Such great news.
Think it is pink shirt Wednesday according to Checky.
Sounds good.I do it all the time (socks esp.). Don't find it that hard to pull off but then perhaps I don't actually look that good...
Look forward to these.
My wife said the Grade 6 kids she took to Canberra loved this. And so did she.
Always happy to help. And I believe you are happy with the results.
Always.This would be my entry but it is a couple of months old.**and not really me.
New Posts  All Forums: