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Or Prince of Paisley...
Filson gets my vote. I have a the classic canvas briefcase (about 5 years old) and 2 large duffles which we are using to travel to Scotland (bought my wife one after she kept stealing mine). All three bags are robust, well designed, look great (and better with age) and are always complimented.
A guy at my work buys those. Has the floral jacket and a pink number that I have seen. Englishman looking for that loud look for parties etc. Not my taste but he is happy.
Looking forward to the next Melbourne Members meeting up - everyone, in Spartacus style, "I am Gino Cazzolino"
I am an Eidos enabler - living vicariously through the purchases of others.
Will Bloomingdales not ship there? They shipped one to Australia for me.
Just a reminder this finishes today 10th December.
HC grenadine tie? PoP and PetePan - The Love Letters? fxh's book of jokes?[Sorry couldn't resist]What about a day trip or experience together - doing something you both like - that could be sentimental...failing that jewellery works well if you know what you are doing.
54 / XL if anyone wants to send a Christmas present to Australia....
Pete - If your price range is $2000 your local Henry Bucks is probably a good bet. Think they have some Eidos stuff which is fantastic - though probably not full length.
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