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Fixed that for you.
Yes, can recommend. Esp for females. I will be in the air on the way to Scotland so will not make it but my wife might head along.
This. Chap at work gets them - though on sale I think. Not great shirts and at full price more than my PJ shirts. Dear oh dear.In regards to Herringbone, not a major point but they have also lost a few good staff over the last few years. Thinking of Christian Kimber, TBM and Aaron in particular. Not that these guys had much (or any) influence over corporate direction and finances but they were a reason for me to visit the store and recommended the stuff they thought was good.
Returning this week to survey my kingdom. Cannot wait.
Baron von Socks of Pinkingham.
Ha, cannot believe I only noticed it last year.
Went into this store on Little Collins on Saturday http://swensk.com/ It is very near where Christian Kimber, Gerry Garry Nelson, TBM and I sometimes have coffee catchups (for those keeping track) and has been on my radar for a while (though does not open during the week until 11am - a little too late). Nice selection of mostly Swedish brands - Filippa K, J Lindeberg, Hope, Blk Dnm. Not necessarily "SF approved" but some decent stuff if you like Scandinavian style...
Few items ending soon if anyone is interested. http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/80566330439/ending-soon-i-am-selling-a-few-menswear-items-on
Bravo thebrownman.
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