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You feeling alright Oli.On the sock talk the other day (this thread moves fast), I have a "no sock left behind" policy. Sometimes it means spending a good ten minutes searching but so far not one sock had been lost.Bought a house today (well, apartment - this is inner city Melbourne). Not sure what this means for my clothing budget but who cares, I'm very happy.
I do not need a new tie. I do not need a new tie. I do not need a new tie.
Got my Johnston's of Elgin cashmere socks on today (which I picked up last time I was back in the homeland). They are in a beautiful light heather grey and wearing them is like walking on clouds.
Yes, I think it was. Look forward to the story.There is a weekly My Melbourne section in the Saturday Specturm magazine where someone talks about the places they love in Melbourne etc and if it was mentioned there (which I imagine jogged fxh's memory).In other news - Henry Bucks ordered Eidos at Pitti (well, technically just after) and are bring the whole collection to the store in the near future. Very cool.
Read about this in today's Age. Thanks for sharing.
I am brimming with excitement, I think the hat jokes have yet to hit their peak.
Started to fall down the slippery slope of getting into Japanese brands....this could be terrible for my wallet but good from my waistline.
For anyone that is interested. 50% off at Gant. [[SPOILER]]
Fxh only charges $4.97. His advice is terrible*, but it is a thousand times better than you will get there.*with the notation exception of his wisdom on high waisted trousers (ah, OK, and a few other things).
@NickPollica - wonder if you were able to (and kind enough to) give me the shoulder and chest measurements for this jacket in size 54R - http://www.lawrencecovell.com/Eidos-Napoli-Tenero-Green-Multi-Pane-Jacket.html Or the Tenero in general? I have tried emailing Lawrence Covell a couple of times but with no luck. I am really keen to get in but being in Australia means I need to get it shipped to a forwarding address in the US so would like to be as sure as I can before I...
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