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Thanks for the response Brian. I enjoy following the progress of your store and am impressed with the range of products you offer. I understand you are a small company that are still quite new and there are many issues to address. Regarding international shipping - hopefully in future either something will change with the company you use or you will find an alternative method.I look forward to ordering from you in the future. Good luck with 2014.
I have used Bancrofts on Toorak Road when I had my PJ stuff either pressed or dry clean (which has been about once a year).No issue so far, though I am far from an expert.
Following....though it is no Sexy Ankles.tumblr is it?
Not sure that is too bad, but your international shipping is pretty ridiculous. I have almost ordered on numerous occasions only to be put off by this system and cost. Are there any plans to change this?
Foxy and fxh talk drugs - not quite as interesting as I had hoped. This comment made me laugh though -Obviously not actually funny but just made me think of fxh saying to the lovely Mrs fxh - "Yes darling, I really do need another pair of double monks and this unstructured Italian blazer...you know for the A&E visits. Got to sprezz up for the drugs, babe."Those who have met him in real life will attest that this is how he speaks, "copped" this, "Grail status" that....
Same, but I am mid to high for casual and high for formal. Kilts sit nice and high too (higher than high rise).
For fxh and other high waist aficionados (aka those who know where trousers should sit) - http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2014/01/27/triumphant-return-high-waisted-trousers/
Are you sure Romp? Who is the best person to speak to - Matt?
Has anyone here, specifically in Melbourne, had neck roll fixed (by which I mean an extra bubble of fabric under the collar) on a blazer/suit jacket)? If so where would you recommend and what was the cost (approx)? I bought a lovely Loro Piana Zealander fabric navy blazer in Rome which fits nicely everywhere else and would like to get this fixed.... Had this sorted on my inital PJ suit, but that was all sorted and paid for in house. Just looking for a little...
New Posts  All Forums: