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I do but my new office is only 10-15 mins ride for my home, so I do not bother with a shower or anything. Just get ready in my training kit at home, pack a couple of waterproof panniers and head off (I put shoe trees in my shoes to add extra weight as I am hardcore an idiot). Nice changing rooms etc at work so no issues and a good little bit of exercise each day.**Plus I prefer to save the $35 a week from public transport for something sensible menswear stuff I don't need
Bravo Foxy. I remember having a good laugh when this first appeared on the FYM tumblr. My favourite was this one - http://fuckyeahmenswear.tumblr.com/post/1479708920/nature-vs-nurture-its-tough-to-say-when-your My meal ticket. My only son. The truth. The future. My legacy. Steezus Christ. My only son.
Is it really an issue though? A nice bag is still as rare as a well dressed office worker.I love my Filson. Otter green 256 (sometimes wish I had got the 257 - esp if I have a lot of work plus laptop). Had it for 3 years now.At some point I will buy a Filson duffle bag too (most likely the Pullman). Highly recommended.
I find the fit quite slim but I guess it is all relevant. The Mr Porter site and Sunspel site both have details.Just like this, only white -http://www.mrporter.com/product/378635I can post pictures or more details if anyone is interested or PM me. $75 delivery in Australia.PS I will not be able to post pictures until tomorrow.
If you, or anyone else, is interested in a white long sleeved Sunspel polo, I have one in Medium, worn twice, for sale at a good price.In other news, who else is going to the Kimber popup? I am heading there on Saturday.http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/85491255583/the-place-to-be
Ha, just before I ran into this morning I was commenting to Garry Nelson about the chap at the Town Hall (doorman?) wearing a Karakul.Think you would look very regal in one. Maybe a bit of that "dictator of somewhere ending in -Stan" vibe too.Group buy?
Good the suede trick worked a bit GF. Mine are all overdue a bit of a clean and fix up so might use some of fxh's tips soon.Seeing this makes me think bespoke jeans would be great.http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2014/04/levis-final-bespoke-jeans.html#.U2Y0zYkazCT
For stains that don't come out try a emery board. This is the only place I have seen this tip but it worked from me (and since this guy worked an Michael Bastian's right hand man and is now leading the Eidos Napoli brand I trust his judgement) - http://13thandwolf.blogspot.com/2009/09/how-to-clean-sauce-from-suede-shoes.html
Never really understood this strange view that navy suit and brown shoes don't work....heavily disagree...then again I am someone who would wear a quilted jacket with a suit...
Perfect backhand compliment. And some good advice in general.On my way to the HB launch now. Should be a great night.
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