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Is a missing button considered sprezzatura? For the second day in a row a button has fallen off my shirt - same position both times - lower chest (so I cannot even blame my extending stomach - though I am sure fxh will have something to say). Oh well, time to get the sewing kit out (might wait until the end of the week in case I have 5 shirts to fix).
6 foot / 183cm - length perfect for me. Not too short like some other brands.
I am wearing my 54R Eidos today and also have an Eidos shirt in 16.5/42. These fit really well.My final Eidos piece (for now) is a Lupo polo - in size XL. It also fits really well - I would suggest that is the best size for you.
Fixed this to match the Garry Nelson I know.
Sorry to hear that fxh. Terrible news.
Fair enough. Not sure I agree. But maybe I am an Eidos apologist.The first one is about skateboarder Gino Iannucci who is modelling for this season. Antonio of Eidos used to be a fairly serious skateboarder and think the thought Iannucci was the coolest one around. So it is more of a personal fan comment rather than an insult to you. Also I think this might have been a caption on a video of Iannucci skipping which was one of the coolest things I have seen in a while.The...
Price Drop.
Foxy - did you ever elaborate on this? I am genuinely interested.
And it is well worth it. Too be honest on those zig zags I will either cave one day or if I ever get asked for present ideas for myself (which happens, sometimes via someone else) I put these forward (in case anyone wants to get me a gift).In the meantime I will continue to recommend HC to anyone who might possible be looking for a tie. Esp guys getting married.
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