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I've got both. The Chukkas are easier to wear (though I love the Cheselas too). Easier to make look formal and somehow the laces make them easier to match with things.I am seriously considering saving for another pair of Brown Suede Chukkas - Gerry and I agree they are the mosh versatile shoe (as do many others but if Gerry says so that is more than enough for me). Carmina Soller ones look beautiful. Gerry and I both have C&J's in different models and they are lovely...
Chukka bias actually. But always have a soft spot for a bit of pink in an outfit.
Chukkas, pink shirt, navy blazer. This is the one to wear.
No, you are blahman...and shooey....everyone knows that.
I only opened yesterday, seems to have been a little buggy but some nice stuff there. If anyone orders the book in Melbourne I would love a look (come on fxh - I know you are always looking for new books for your #menswear collection).More details on the shop here -http://dieworkwear.com/post/99492368894/anderson-sheppards-new-online-shophttp://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2014/10/anderson-sheppard-online-store-opens.html#.VDcdT_mSySoPrice of Rubinacci loafers, just out of...
New stock in store and at home!Bring on the Shantungs!
Foxy - for something you can wear with everything and throw around maybe try hopsack. Have a look at the navy Boglioli one in Henry Bucks for inspiration. I have a version of this and it is the most brilliant, most versatile and robust jacket I owe. So good it (almost) makes me look good.
Those EP look good but I still prefer the look of CP (which I own) and MMM GATs (which I have on order). But the thing I have found is that high end sneakers are worth it, for people who buy high end shoes, and you do get bang for you buck. That's my 2p worth on a Friday. Time to go out for dinner. Visvim shirt on (again).
Wow - a year, you are an inspiration (to someone as weak as me at least). They look lovely, wear them in good health.Now, isn't it about time someone organised a Melbourne Members Meetup....
No, but I probably owe you one - maybe just pretend I have send a thoughtful, witty response (first time for everything).Thanks Foxy - ordered now..Happy Birthday to me (when it comes/when they arrive).Chuck it all in, sell everything, move to Nigeria....alternatively wait and see how it turns out when it gets back (have faith!). I get your disappoint though (just having a little funny), it would have been nice to walk away with the product or leave knowing little had to...
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