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Never really understood this strange view that navy suit and brown shoes don't work....heavily disagree...then again I am someone who would wear a quilted jacket with a suit...
Perfect backhand compliment. And some good advice in general.On my way to the HB launch now. Should be a great night.
Haha...so that would be most days then.Yes and you are getting something out of your commute. Mine is too short to read anything if I take the tram so better to cycle.Yes. My office has no mandated dress code but it is reasonable smart. Ties are rareish but I like them so I wear one (at a time). Would imagine others here to be in the same boat.Happy to go tieless when I feel like it too, though sometimes a suit without a tie looks off so you have to pick the right...
This. And Public Transport. And cycling.My wife owes a car (or maybe we both do not) as she needs it for work. Me - I got two legs, two wheels and a Myki card (plus cash for taxis when I gets too late/ I get too drunk).
That is the case for Church's but not C&J.
He's back thankfully. TBM does a good Garry impression and I often wear the same outfits but we are struggling to get the "nice guy" bit down.See, told you so.I am in. I will be there with bells on (Gerry tells me that is the dress code). Look forward to catching up with those going.
That is all you need to be a SF Australian Member.
Pretty sure that was Checky.
Yes, looking forward to catching up on Thursday night.
Here's the details - http://zimmatailors.tumblr.com/post/83997107041/2014-logies-watch-out-what-an-awesome-couple#notesWhen do you head to Canberra iSurg? We need to have a Melbourne catch up soon.
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