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Speak to Nice Guy Nelson - he'll hook you up. 👹
So clothes...
LM - I cycle to work pretty much every day. It is not that far so I just cycle in training kit then change into my suit when I arrive. No need for a shower, except on really hot days. I use panniers - clothes can take a bit of folding. On Fridays, if I am just wearing jeans I cycle in my clothes.I used to cycle a far bit further and showered when arriving. Both work places have had good shower/changing facilities.Like Jas says great for the mind, also cheaper and more...
Price Drop. Any queries - let me know.
Bagpipers welcome anytime. My wife's cousin, an Australian, played at our wedding in Scotland. My best man was tearing up before my wife had even started to walk down the aisle.Done well it is commanding, evocative and beautiful sound.Regarding luggage - trying to sort an order of Filson myself. Will need to look into the tax rules. Would be nice to claim it back (feel free to point me in the right direction).
Yes, think that is the best way to go. Recycle/upcycle whatever.For reference, as pretentious as it sounds, "Vintage Industrial" as a search term has served me well.
Iran - super jealous. On my list but not sure when or if it will happen. My cup of tea but think my wife is keener on other places first.As for a desk - eBay. Seriously. I have picked up some superb please there including an old early 20th Postman's Desk. Heavy, beautiful piece.http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/60645649512/a-vintage-postmans-desk-deskiwononebay
Yes, have seen the Redux before. Seems to be the only one around now. I had the original on video but could only find the Redux on DVD.I prefer the original - it is a bit darker. Not surfboard stealing, limited Kurtz scenes (makes it very dark/mysterious), no extra Bunnies scene.Still Redux is awesome. Thoroughly enjoyable (if that is the right word) evening. $11 well spent and another reason I love living in St Kilda (though The Astor as we know it may be gone next year).
Charlie don't surf!Just in the intermission of watching Apolocalypse Now Redux at The Astor now. Such a great film. About to head into the real darkness now...
Nobody..except Checky or fxh after a few drinks...
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