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There was. Not sure if it is still there if they have gone into administration. I go to South Melbourne Market weekly but don't walk pass it usually. I'll look out for it next time I am there.
This.Though I bought a few from Henry Carter I'm the past which were great too.
You and me both. Same size and everything. Wearing my Lupo polo again now.
Christian was the link (see his recent collaboration with Eidos). He no works for Bucks as he is focusing on his own stuff. Not sure how much Eidos stuff HB are getting anymore. Would love to see you stock it Jason. Might be worth another enquiry.
Monogamy is only for marriages. As I suspect it was mostly the Ciongoli influenced stuff I liked best at Bastian. Last collection was not quite as strong to me. Eidos on the other hand gets better and better.
Superb - the Glasgow I know and love.
I really like the jacket. Which if you had described it I would not have expected. any further details - fabric/brand?Thanks DB - we are there for a few days so might get a car for a day.
Any quick tips for Byron Bay? Heading there for 6 days on Saturday for eating, surfing and general relaxtion. There seems to be endless fantastic place but love to hear your thoughts - any favourites or new recommendations?
Agree with fxh. Wear this. Change to leather shoes if you want. Don't bother with the bow tie. Tie looks good.Potatohead is worth it. Approach from the beach if you can and put your name down for a table if busy. Little shop inside sells Engineered Garment, Saturday's Surf and other brands. Naughty Nuris ribs was awesome.Wear shorts and Tshirt. And you'll still be overdressed.I wear mine out - literally. When they tear too much to be repairs. Like right off my back or...
Yes. Get XL. See my previous post on this a week back. I too am a 54 in Eidos sportscoats. Wearing my XL navy Lupo polo now. It is a thing of beauty.
New Posts  All Forums: