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Never riding a bike? That is crazy.
Cross Post from the Australian Members threadWearing my Eidos jacket, as captured by Christian Kimber of C Kimber (If you do not own one of his fantastic pocket squares - order one now. You'll thank me later). [[SPOILER]] Details [[SPOILER]] Note - the #menswear collar sprezzatura was a complete accident (honest) and i fixed it as soon as I saw the photograph.
For anyone who wants to see my Eidos jacket - here is the closest I am likely to a WIWT photograph. As captured by Christian Kimber this morning. Alternatively come along to the Suitably Connected event tonight.http://instagram.com/p/rnptbSqm5k/ [[SPOILER]] Details [[SPOILER]] Note the #menswear collar sprezzatura was a complete accident (hoenst) and i fixed it as soon as I saw the photograph.
If you ordered from Herring write to them - their customer service is pretty decent....your shoes have probably arrived already known them.My pleasure Osiris, happy to help. Not been to Brisbane yet - going for a wedding in May next year. Don't worry about the rounds put the money towards something else or buy a small gift for someone (flowers are always nice).#sharethelove(anddiscountcodes)
For anyone who is interested - got this from Herring Shoes "We have noticed that you still have a request for a sale or second shoe that we are unable to fulfil. Sadly we no longer get very much stock of these shoes, so we wanted to give you a big discount instead, so that you can get a shoe you want at a great price. Please use this 25% discount code HSSUB25 against any full price shoe purchase during the month of August. Just enter HSSUB25 into the box that says...
CD - maybe this is the perfect time to debut your goth ninja look. In navy, of course for Foxy and the Classic Menswear crowd.By the way, Foxy (you addict, I see you on the NMWA thread), nice post in the vain of Fuck Yeah Menswear."The truth.The future.My legacy.Steezus Christ."http://fuckyeahmenswear.tumblr.com/post/1479708920/nature-vs-nurture-its-tough-to-say-when-your
Yes, this sounds good. Or possibly a couple of straps. Metal negs does not interest me, nor does leather NATO (though maybe a nice plain suede or leather).
@Gerry Nelson - this is the what I gave you from Carmina. How have you found it works?
What a star.! We got relegated so we need to do some special stuff to get promoted again. [[SPOILER]] Have a good time on Wednesday.
Are you coming on Wednesday Ernie?
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