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Brian Are you able to give the shoulders measurements of Eidos sportscoats in 42 and 44? Do they fit quite slim? Thanks.
No problem, thank you.
Is this belt still available by any chance? I am in Melbourne.
I know one place people can pick up a Boglioli unstructured jacket at a great price (provided you want in cotton, tan coloured, size 42/52).
Thanks for the OB advice Nabil, Jimmy and Foxy. I'll let you know how I go.This is not really something I have the luxury of worrying about I'm afraid.
Thanks....my standard size is all over the place, but usually 34 for jeans...though they give a bit...not sure if Orlebar Browns do...had a search on the forum, JimmyHoffa? Nabil? Do you chaps have a pair? Any advice?
Anyone here have any advice on Orlebar Brown sizing? This so-called autumn weather here in Melbourne has me thinking of shorts...we actually just needed a new pair at some point. Would appreciate any advice (on the shorts or anything else). Edit - thinking I will prob size up as I can use the side tab to bring the waist in.
Saw it when I was back in Scotland for Christmas. Cried my eyes out.Went to see the stageshow with my best mate just before moving out here...6 years ago today.The Proclaimers song Sunshine on Leith is the club song of my football club, Hibs (whose season when dramatically wrong this year).Nothing better that being in the stand at Eastern Road hearing the song get belted out - http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sPXCNwBu_t8Oh, sorry, you got me a lot nostalgic...got a bit carried...
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