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Porter x Monocle Sub Club in the wild.
When not cycling to work I use a Filson in Otter Green (same model as Foxy and Gazza) and most recent the Monocle x Porter Tote which I really like. When travelling large Filson duffle in tan, with Filson Dopp Kit in Navy. Might get an Porter bag down the line. As you can tell I prefer the more casual bag but do always look at Nice Guy Nelsons briefcase with envy. Monocle x Porter Sub Club Tote
I know. Well good on them at least.
Haha! Typical my last choice comes first. Not sold on striped grenadine yet but look forward to seeing how it turns out. I liked the sound of navy, green and gold. Went to the Wear for Success sale on Friday night. My wife and sister both found a few things. And, for $5 each, I got a Lanvin green tie and this Aspesi shirt - http://www.aspesi.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Aspesi-EU-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=CE36E54201031&cgid=&prefn1=&prefv1=&prefn2=&prefv2 Great...
This was my interview - word for word - with immigration. Just after that the Stop the Boats really ramped up.
Ernesto - you could try some of these in any performance review - http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2015/02/03/20-essential-job-interview-tips/
I thought that was PetePan.
Random suggestion but can we do something like the floral Marinella ties - but with tiny wattle flower heads? Maybe in dark green or, as suggested above, navy with gold (for the wattle). I have always loved that style of tie and don't really have any.
LM - you are at about 50% of just now. Good luck. That is a great photograph. Love the timelessness of it. No need for personalised thanks - happy to do it!
Nice, simple and respectful. This is how it should be done. What a beautiful overcoat. Is that some old piece you've had for years of a new number?PS when is the next Dress for Success sale?
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