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Have you asked Christian? I would have thought he would still have some.
Think Amazon had some. Search Alden laces
Loving this thread. PoP - I too do have that wallet and it gets used quite regularly thank wife also has the travel wallet which she uses as a purse (think there were only 4 made).Below, spoilered, are a few of my Kimber possessions.Wallets and Travel Wallet - [[SPOILER]] White Suede Low Tops in Action (or waiting...) [[SPOILER]] With a couple of others in Kimbers -...
Really glad to see this thread. I have a bunch of Kimber stuff that I love - including shoes, wallet and pocket squares. I seriously think the squares esp are some of the best in the world - great design, great fabric and so versatile. I'll try to add some photos later, not that my standards are up to Gerry's.
Jason - sorry to hear about HC but understand. You have done great work and my HC ties are among my favourites.
Not quite true. I always insisted the "died in" smell was your natural odour. Nothing to do with the clothes...
I think they might have been trying to source stock from other stockists to fulfil the order hence the delay.
Start with Oxiclean. Wait for fxh rant if that does not work.
Hell yes - Gerry and I regularly talk about how wonderful chukkas are - my Carmina pair today. They normally get at least a wear a week. i have a pair of Kimbers and a pair of C&Js too.
No. A factory in Spain. He sought them out. Toured, tried, tested etc. Good quality.I don't know who made them. Juan? Carlos? Pablo?Why do you ask?
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