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Yes, this sounds good. Or possibly a couple of straps. Metal negs does not interest me, nor does leather NATO (though maybe a nice plain suede or leather).
@Gerry Nelson - this is the what I gave you from Carmina. How have you found it works?
What a star.! We got relegated so we need to do some special stuff to get promoted again. [[SPOILER]] Have a good time on Wednesday.
Are you coming on Wednesday Ernie?
Check out page 3 here - http://www.ericmusgrave.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sharp-suits.pdf
I really hope so. Looks like they have a great range.Would love an Eidos online store but I think @NickPollica et al have too much on their plate already.Should be in a store here in Melbourne, Australia so time next year. Cannot wait to see a full range in person.
I would wear as an overcoat over shirts, jumper whatever....for a not so cold day when you are not in a suit or odd jacket. No tie needed for me (but then I have no class).
I always wanted one of these when I lived in the UK. I have a navy Crombie overcoat and it is a thing of beautiful.
The perfect attire for anyone going to the Yeezus concert.(If anyone has a spare ticket throw it this way).
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