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Remember hearing about this place a few years back. In the Nicholas Building on Swanston and Flinders Lane.http://www.buttonmania.com.au/aboutOtherwise maybe Cleggs on Elizabeth.
Foxy - forgot to say - nice tie. Was it easy to order and did it take long to arrive?
Good idea - then have a night with the Artist and invite him to come in for a little talk and sign some prints (for a fee).
Ha, yes, I am just trying to be a cheapskate....for a number of reasons, including ease, think I will just take them into the Edinburgh shop when I back in my hometown.
Sorry, to clarify - I am going to get them fixed by Churchs directly (probably take them back to Scotland with me at Christmas).the point I was making is that because Churchs charge basically one price whether it is fixing one hole or replace both inner soles etc - perhaps I should get a little more wear out of them...no need for Topy with this option available.
Mine just have a hole developing in the sole...cannot decide if this is "a stitch in time saves nine" thing or if I should wear them out a bit more before getting them fixed...
CD - Church's have one price for their repairs as far as I can tell from their email and they just do whatever is needed. 88 pounds plus shipping I think. C&J maybe the same.
Seriously Foxy? Seemed pretty standard to me (ie like all things in Australia, more expensive than they should be), but maybe I go to the wrong places...
Great. Yes, I am leaning towards Tuscan Bar too.Let's see what other say.
The Ernesto - are you able to make it.Actually, hearing this - cancel the event, what's the point without your his incredible supervillian moustache?You will be missed TBM
New Posts  All Forums: