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Agreed.In other news, I put my eBay sales profit towards these (the eBay sales covered about half....must get around to listing the rest of my stuff to cover the rest...)http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/68154891105/suavedandy-check-out-these-chelsea-boots-fromhttp://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/carmina-chelsea-boot-in-snuffWith my returned Carminas stuck in Spanish customs and the correct Uetam loafers not being sent until they wrong shoes are...
Meetup going ahead in the CBD but no requirement to dress CBD.At this stage it is Tuscan Bar from 7pm (unless others want to meet earlier).
For CD and anyone interested in shoe refurbishment (ie everyone on this thread). C&J on Double Monk Instagram. http://instagram.com/p/hLIUUgxBK8/
Glad to hear it. Look forward to seeing them. Rest.
Yes, saw that too when looking up the Nicholas Building one but figured Coxy was more of a CBD man. He does seem to travel a fair bit so I guess Glenferrie Road should be too much out the way.
Remember hearing about this place a few years back. In the Nicholas Building on Swanston and Flinders Lane.http://www.buttonmania.com.au/aboutOtherwise maybe Cleggs on Elizabeth.
Foxy - forgot to say - nice tie. Was it easy to order and did it take long to arrive?
Good idea - then have a night with the Artist and invite him to come in for a little talk and sign some prints (for a fee).
Ha, yes, I am just trying to be a cheapskate....for a number of reasons, including ease, think I will just take them into the Edinburgh shop when I back in my hometown.
Sorry, to clarify - I am going to get them fixed by Churchs directly (probably take them back to Scotland with me at Christmas).the point I was making is that because Churchs charge basically one price whether it is fixing one hole or replace both inner soles etc - perhaps I should get a little more wear out of them...no need for Topy with this option available.
New Posts  All Forums: