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Just a quick heads up, if anyone is interested, there are a few Michael Bastian items for sale on Gilt. I bought the washed pink trousers (I have the blue pair and love them) - http://cache.mrporter.com/product/333347. https://www.gilt.com/search?q.query=michael+bastian This is my referral link if you wish to join -http://www.gilt.com/invite/151667102aq6kf4pcvr2
Me too. On both counts.
[[SPOILER]] Gerry - these might need to be passed to other members of our tie/shoe coop to try out (that would be me).In other news, got my Gant X Michael Bastian shirt from the MyHabit sale. Very happy with it. Pink with Black Watch details - my perfect casual shirt.http://instagram.com/p/edcoiRqm8O/If a pink shirt is the hangover shirt, this is the whisky hangover shirt.
Your Op Shop secrets...including locations.
Thanks Romp, actually ordered the Loro Piana 3-ply. Triple patch pocket, unstructured, quarter lined. Got a few shirts too, white, pink and a couple of blues (no black watch available).Very much looking forward to the arrival of my kit.Oli, I am well below your average SFer, but hopefully I did alright.Thanks fxh, I got that message from your original post and tried to keep it in mind. Hopefully I picked the right one. I am sure you will give me an honest assessment if I...
I am both a Whisky drinker and someone who is heading to Tasmania soon (5 days, fly in to Launceston and out of Hobart, only thing sorted so far is car hire).
Actually think the Gant rugger chinos would do you nicely, I tried them on before and they had a decent raise and slim, but flattering, leg (maybe be too skinny for your taste).http://www.themensshop.com.au/gant-rugger-dreamy-oxford-tattersall-chino/http://www.eastdane.com/winter-chino-gant-rugger/vp/v=1/1561892091.htm?folderID=21287&colorId=58909
Thanks MS.Below is an interesting point I had not considered...
Thank you for the feedback chaps, that gives me some great ideas to take in.Thanks for the pictures Matt. Brown odd trousers would be fine at my workplace, as long as they are not too casual. I am hoping to get a suit that can be broken into separates (because I am cheap smart like that).Thanks JM. Suit does not need to be too conservative...just think very rumpled linen or too light brown would attract too much attention. Good point on the pink shirts. Actual am thinking...
I will bear that in mind Mr Sy...I do wear pink socks though. Basically I want something versatile and stylish but a little different. May end up going another navy/blue or grey but would like to look at something I cannot get elsewhere etc.
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