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You poor man, you definitely need some better advice if you all you have got is my posts!
All PJ stuff is fully canvassed (to my knowledge - think Romp clarified this a few days ago).I have just gone the standard (presumably the Classic) for my 3 suits.
Yes, I agree with Gerry. I was looking for a particular micro check blue poplin shirt and Tom said he knew just the fabric but did not have a swatch to show me. Based on previous experience I trusted him and, what do you know, it is a great shirt, exactly what I wanted.A good relationship with your tailor is a wonderful thing. They should be able to tell what to avoid (even if you thought you wanted it) as well as advising what to get.My new brown PJ suit is great. It is...
No pocket? You are joking right? I get the too tight thing, though I think it might just be well tucked. MM always looks very comfortable and stylish in photographs I have seen. Fxh - what does this say about Scottish brains?
Good luck with it Mr Sy. Enjoy the experience too - pick fabrics, design etc. It can take a couple of shots to figure exactly what you like (though you should still be very happy with the first results).
Apart from the fact I am not in quite such good shape I would say pretty much, yes.
There was a discussion a while back about if you can look good in a shirt and tie without a jacket. I argued that for it to work you need a shirt that fits very well. This is a great example - http://italianindustrialist.tumblr.com/post/66220436618/matteo-marzotto-well-fitted-business-shirt
DR calling it - Mr Nice Guy cannot dress...and this barely a week after Tobiasj shattered the myth of him being a nice guy too.Might as well give away your shoes and ties Gerry...
Weightlifting shoes - ah, finally somewhere where I save money. I got a pair just over thirty years ago and they are still going strong - perfect fit to (I tend to do most of my training, including lifting, barefoot).For thebrownman - #doyouevenlift
What size are you Oli? I have got a pair of Loakes size 10 UK that I need to put up for sale. Tan brogues though, might be a little to flashy for you.Yes, a couple of years ago, lost a decent chunk of weight. Got some trousers taken in but got rid of most of the rest.Starting rebuilding based on lessons learnt. Got myself MTM (PJ) as a reward and a reminder.
New Posts  All Forums: