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This made me laugh. Did you figure it out JM?I use Comgateway - really easy and they do a repack option to reduce weight.Currently awaiting my Eidos jacket (retailers cost to ship - $250, Comogateway - $20 to get it to them, $50 for them to send to me).
Great thread. Those interested in some of Antonio's design theories (or whatever the phrase should be) should watch this - (For those that want to "like" and watch later here is a Tumblr link -
Where did you order from?
Everyday this thing puts little bumps in my beautiful hair....(such a hard life) [[SPOILER]]
For Oli, fxh et al -
Yes , this is the one - [[SPOILER]] Still waiting for it to arrive, but will keep you posted.Last thing I ordered which I have received was this Nonnative Field Jacket - I love it. [[SPOILER]] Also picked up a pair of Cutler and Gross in the Tres Bien sale (have been coveting them for a while and have never seen them on sale)....
Looks awesome Foxy. Just saw this on Vox Tumblr.
Got the green/grey microchecked jacket making the journey to Australia now.Cannot wait for it to arrive. My first piece of Eidos kit. Very exciting.
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