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80% of the time I get to read JimmyHoffa's posts.20% of the time they are reduxed before I get a chanceI have a feeling the reduxed ones make for more interesting reading.
Order arrived yesterday - As usual wonderful customer service, quality product at a great price and speedy delivery. Cannot recommend Henry Carter highly enough.
They sometimes stock Sperry in DJs so you could use the voucher above. Online is probably cheapest option though.
No wait, don't do it - you're an #menswear icon!
It is quite funny to think that random Japanese man is now a reference point on a very popular style blog.Hope he finds out somehow.
Check it out, our own Gerry Nelson featured on Put This On - http://putthison.com/post/67571222040/rus-in-urbe-in-some-parts-of-the-world-namely #tumblrfamous
Fabric shops, look for/ask for kilt pins. I have got a couple at home from some fabric shop or other.
Glad that I placed my order already....too much temptation here.
Sounds great fxh. Will try to make it along.
Unless you are going back don't worry about it. They sound great but would want to put you out and waste your time. Thank you though.CD, next holiday - Red Hill Brisbane?
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