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Your photographs and comments here have made me reconsider my opinion of Canberra (only informed by the opinion of others, not been yet). Still very happy to remain in Melbourne and be good to see when you are back in town.
Thanks. Think that prob makes me an XL. Now to source....
Much better than any Executive style article - http://www.theage.com.au/comment/mps-in-cardigans-might-make-fewer-woolly-decisions-20140731-zyvvh.html
Exactly what I said to my wife - "He should have let them pick the tie" - not a fan of those tie bars either...distract too much from the overall look (Rob will prob be online tomorrow, it was very early in the show, first 5 mins).
Luke - it is at the tailor's now to get the buttons put on the sleeve (they can unfinished), It is a thing of beauty. Not sure about a fit pic (as I am not a thing of beauty) but we'll see. I got a 54R - I am normally a 52R in British/classic brands and a 54R in Boglioli and other more fashion forward (if that is the right phrase) Italian brands. It fits beautifully, the length is shorter than a suit jacket, prob spot on for a blazer like this. Cannot wait to start wearing...
Luke - if you are a 40/50 you should get in touch with Carson St. They have one version of the DB housecoat. It looks beautiful but it was not put into production.Do a search of this thread on the word "Tipo" - Antonio did a post of the sizing and fit of the jackets.Mine is the Tenero model. Shorter than a suit jacket, perfect for a blazer. It is at the tailor now getting buttons added to the sleeves.
Brendan Goddard of Essendon in Suit Shop and/or PJ on the Footy Show at the moment. Just name checked them (new advertising stragety Romp?...haha...only joking).
My Eidos jacket finally arrived in Australia. A little creased due to freight forward repackaging (which save me a lot on postage). It looks and feels beautiful and fits well (a touch shorter than expected but that might just be comparing to the suit jacket I have on). I cannot wait to get it home, sort out he creasing, get the buttonholes on sleeve cuts and buttons sewn and start wearing this beautiful...
Edit: You can filter by size to see what is available.Nothing for me - which is good news really.
Nothing seems to be left in stock online in CPs or MMMs. At those prices no wonder.
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