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Yes, I find the same thing, just give it a little push up every once in a while...{adjusts orange HC knit tie}...better if it does not happen but no big deal really.
Nice Foxy...fxh special socks too.
An update on my Church's shoe restoration. i have emailed them and I can drop them of in the store in Edinburgh when there (which of course leaves a shoe size hole in my luggage...).Seems like there is one set price for the repair and it includes includes inner sole if required - so think I might continue to wear them lightly (once a fortnight or so, inside only).Quote from email -"Refurbishment covers: Complete long sole and heel replacement, with shoes being pulled over...
Haha, I am wearing my orange HC knit tie today - trying to bring a little sunshine to a dreary Melbourne day - it is a great tie.And for my next HC order I thinking of getting some Christmas presents - including a black knit tie....great sartorial minds think alike or is this just another example of Henry Carter outstanding service?
Best sport on SF. Though do not push him too far...I know he already owes a M65, if he turns up with a mohawk and a taxi licence I will let you know...."Are you PMing me? Are you PMing me? Then who the hell else are you PMing... you PMing to me? Well I'm the only one in the To box. Who the fuck do you think you're PMing to?"
Because is not a heathen.Yes, or contact her from the first time via the Carmina website. The advice Gerry gave me, which works - is to keep your enquiry short and direct. They do not answer long email or difficult questions - whether this is a language issue or just they are too busy I am not sure.So if you have multiple questions, maybe ask them one at a time and be very clear and simple. Betty usually answers very quickly that way.
Very, very nice.Looking forward to the PM iSurg. Would really appreciate it.
For fans of the Black Knit (or Grenadine) Tie. From a fabulous film I saw on Friday night at the Como as part of the Italian Film Festival - The Great Beauty. Rome looked spectacular and I am, obviously, really looking forward to my trip in January. Note - the tie knots are not to my taste but suit the character. http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/64657427119/the-great-beauty-la-grande-bellezza
Pink Socks Motorcycle Bicycle Gang.Club ColoursNavy or grey suitBlack knit Tie ('cause black is for rebels baby)Pink socks (QLD Gov approved)Black or brown English style closed laced shoes.Pocket square of your choice - white for new members.
Blue chambray Owen and James shirt - size medium.
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