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Just fishing for compliments Foxy, thanks.
Fixed that for you."I grow old … I grow old …I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled."The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by TS Eliothttp://www.bartleby.com/198/1.html
A few shots of my outfit today on a winter's day in summer here in Melbourne.Maybe last chance to wear the tweed, until I visit bonnie Scotland. [[SPOILER]] Also an outfit idea for when my suede Carmina chelsea boots arrive. This look is so CBD even Oli would wear it. [[SPOILER]]
Noted chaps. Just tried these on quickly at work.Great shoes Gerry. I hear KFC are hiring.
Did you think I mean Gerry and his guitar playing friends?
I see Clark's boots, maybe in a nice suede, working really well for you Ernesto.In other news my Carmina String Loafers finally arrived. I am a happy man. Now all I need is the sun to return to Melbourne.http://instagram.com/p/hewDVSKm3T/
Fay do jackets like this but quite pricey compared to Lavenham and Barbour.Also, great summer wardrobe. Thanks to fxh for the inspiration.
Thanks Gerry. Maybe you could run a few master classes.Sorry Coxy - cannot be any more help on buttons. Maybe you could visit Romp at Suit Shop (Paddington) and pay him for a few of the PJ ones (not sure if they would have that many at the showroom).
Gerry, can I ask what might be a stupid question (but I am serious). Are you saying if I read the manual of my camera I might take better photographs? Or I am better to read a manual on taking photos?Probably should read both as I have them in the library, along with this number (thanks to Mr Nice Guy Nelson).http://instagram.com/p/hVK7DJKm_R/
Trousers look great Jas. 4 seasons sound perfect to me.
New Posts  All Forums: