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I can feel it in the air TBM. Finally wearing my string loafers too.
Motifs should included a pair of shoes, one foot Topyed the other not, worn sockless.And are question about PJ pricing and where to find a good alterationist.
Thanks JH.Just skim read posts you don't like/need...surely you didn't read all of Halloween stuff, or the camera and credit card info?
The tweed is from Robert Noble and it is a Hackett jacket.More details herehttp://instagram.com/p/aUdkKaqm-b/http://instagram.com/p/aSWwvMKm2B/http://instagram.com/p/aUdqflKm-q/Got my Christmas party tomorrow too. Original was to wear something like this with my new string loafers but might need to see what the weather decides to do.
Was hoping Nabil would answer here. I order via his recommendation - got about 15.Note the postage is about the same cost as 15 hangers but still a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Nice hangers (esp for price).Given I paid some much for postage I was a shame I had to chase them up and they took age to arrive but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that that was a one off.
Ernesto. He doesn't have the eyebrows to match Hemmings. Blow Up. What a great film. Remember watching it back at university. Interestingly Sid Mashburn refer to it as a style reference on their site.
Thanks iSurg.My problem is being one greedy Scotsman.That last item will be too big for you, send it back and ask for a smaller one.
On a issue discussed a few weeks ago. In my opinion, this is a great example of a well fitted shirt. From an old Hackett campaign - so might be pinned etc. This chap is in the upcoming Henry Bucks campaign.
Just fishing for compliments Foxy, thanks.
Fixed that for you."I grow old … I grow old …I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled."The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by TS Eliothttp://www.bartleby.com/198/1.html
New Posts  All Forums: