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Looks great Jason. You are a excellent ambassador and model for your goods. Maybe I can find a summer event that requires a tie to justify getting that one (or the lilac version).
Yes, probably TBM. It has been a while since we have caught up but you are slimmer and less broad (do you even lift!?) than me. Happy to meet if you want to try it.JimmyHoffa - sorry my posting wasn't all that clear (good to know for next time). But remember, you might have changed your name and gone into hiding by my "associate" "Nice Guy" Gerry can still find you.hahaha(Thanks for the posts GN).Next up, a pair of size 10 tan Loake brogues....(that is 10 UK Jimmy...)
Too slim for me. Beautiful jacket, but can only wear with T-shirt and even then it is still a bit too tight. Sad to see it go but better used than in my wardrobe.
Finally listed one of my many items on eBay. http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/66434863149/belstaff-waxed-cotton-jacket-if-you-would-like
My trolling account name - Black Socks.
Ha, yes - "Come see our new kitchen, with these hands I...paid the cash to have it done."
You poor man, you definitely need some better advice if you all you have got is my posts!
All PJ stuff is fully canvassed (to my knowledge - think Romp clarified this a few days ago).I have just gone the standard (presumably the Classic) for my 3 suits.
Yes, I agree with Gerry. I was looking for a particular micro check blue poplin shirt and Tom said he knew just the fabric but did not have a swatch to show me. Based on previous experience I trusted him and, what do you know, it is a great shirt, exactly what I wanted.A good relationship with your tailor is a wonderful thing. They should be able to tell what to avoid (even if you thought you wanted it) as well as advising what to get.My new brown PJ suit is great. It is...
No pocket? You are joking right? I get the too tight thing, though I think it might just be well tucked. MM always looks very comfortable and stylish in photographs I have seen. Fxh - what does this say about Scottish brains?
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