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Great. Yes, I am leaning towards Tuscan Bar too.Let's see what other say.
The Ernesto - are you able to make it.Actually, hearing this - cancel the event, what's the point without your his incredible supervillian moustache?You will be missed TBM
Great. Any preference on venue? Survivor?
Melbourne Members Meetup (and any other visiting Australian Members) Hello all We are having a informal Australian Members meet up on Thursday (28th) in the city. The venue is still to be decided - opinions welcome here - main suggestions so far - Siglo (at Melbourne Supper Club), Tuscan Bar or Collins Quarter. I will be there (wherever we decide from about 7pm (hopefully earlier, but got a major project due Thursday). Others may be there earlier, straight after work...
Yes, watching it now. Best line is when he insult him."You're wearing a 44 long when you should be wearing a 42 regular."
Really looking forward to seeing the after photos of these boots CD.
Maybe TBM. Most of my shirts are PJ MTM bit I think that sounds about my size.
Fox you crack me up. He does like it, loves it in fact. He just likes to pretend otherwise for the attention.Not a fit fail at all, others were just suggesting their own subjective slight improvements. I think it looked pretty good, very suitable for you - young, street wear, stylish with quality brands but worn a bit more smartly than your normal 19(?) year old.Speaking of fxh - I popped along to the Wear for Success sale in South Melbourne yesterday. Like he said not...
80% of the time I get to read JimmyHoffa's posts.20% of the time they are reduxed before I get a chanceI have a feeling the reduxed ones make for more interesting reading.
Order arrived yesterday - As usual wonderful customer service, quality product at a great price and speedy delivery. Cannot recommend Henry Carter highly enough.
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