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Luke - if you are a 40/50 you should get in touch with Carson St. They have one version of the DB housecoat. It looks beautiful but it was not put into production.Do a search of this thread on the word "Tipo" - Antonio did a post of the sizing and fit of the jackets.Mine is the Tenero model. Shorter than a suit jacket, perfect for a blazer. It is at the tailor now getting buttons added to the sleeves.
Brendan Goddard of Essendon in Suit Shop and/or PJ on the Footy Show at the moment. Just name checked them (new advertising stragety Romp?...haha...only joking).
My Eidos jacket finally arrived in Australia. A little creased due to freight forward repackaging (which save me a lot on postage). It looks and feels beautiful and fits well (a touch shorter than expected but that might just be comparing to the suit jacket I have on). I cannot wait to get it home, sort out he creasing, get the buttonholes on sleeve cuts and buttons sewn and start wearing this beautiful...
Edit: You can filter by size to see what is available.Nothing for me - which is good news really.
Nothing seems to be left in stock online in CPs or MMMs. At those prices no wonder.
Yes, your messages are enjoyable and informative - just hit the "Return"/"Enter" key once in a while to break up your messages, add some white spaceandmakethem easier toread.Thanks.
Out of curiosity - what size polo did you get (I am a 54R)?
Not been but let's organise a Melbourne Menswear catch up there when you are back in town.I got a pair of Boglioli trousers in khaki...I really shouldn't have but I wear my grey ones to death.Didn't use her CC but think I will be in enough trouble as it is....mortgage kicks in soon...Will she understand if I explain the Wear to Price Ratio (again)?...
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