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And Havaianas in 15 different colours.
They have to keep their prices high to account for the shoplifting.
Forgot to pack a pocket square in my pannier this morning....first time in years I am wearing a jacket without one....feels wrong... Anyone going to the Dress for Success event in Melbourne next week? I am hoping to make it along and it would be nice to see some familiar faces...I know Garry Nelson cannot make it so no need to worry about being bullied.
Congratulations Jason - that is great news. Are there any plans for another Trunk Show in Melbourne this year? It would be great to celebrate this news and the ongoing growth of Henry Carter in person.
Foxy Agree with your sentiments about Valentine's Day. My wife and I never really do too much for it but always take a moment to reflect on our wonderful relationship. This year I bought her favourite flowers and organised cheese, Tasmanian sparkling and dinner. She has had a long and tough week and was very happy with it all. I cannot be 100% sure but suspect the answer to your PJ question is no. But think the question is looking at things the wrong way. Does an...
Oh yes me too....like new ways to skim onto posts that cover a different topic...I jest...I just find it a little strange that people get so hung up on it (PJ, bespoke, MTM, MTO)....do you have nice clothes, do they fit? Great, where can you get some more...In other news - Melbourne Members there are a couple of opportunities for meeting up soon (detailed below). Who's in?Dress for Success - Wednesday 26th February (hopefully lennier will give some more details....
PJ could make you a bespoke pair....Haha, sorry couldn't resist. Definitely seen them around - Gant Rugger had a pair not too long ago. They shouldn't be too difficult to find - I am sure others will chime in with some helpful links.What is your price range? And does it need to be local?
What size are you? I have a Boglioli tan sportscoat (size 42) I am going to put up for sale, along with a olive Barbour Liddlesdale quilted jacket (size Large).
I think I'm turning Japanese, I thinking I'm turning Japanese, I really think so.Actually PR cash at weddings is still a bit of an issue as far as I can tell and I wouldn't say we love LV...but then there are 5 million (plus descendants, diaspora etc) so I am sure some of the Scots you know would fit these categories.And what are these strange customs you refer too...?
Depending on your budget Henry Bucks has some Boglioli jackets on sale at the moment, among other things. The Bogliolis start at $595.
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