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The Simpson loafer is a beautiful shoe. Gerry has them in brown suede. I was almost tempted to get these over the String Loafers...but I order the String Loafers and the wait begins.Did you order directly from Carmina? And did you have to wait for production?PS Neither GN or I sized up to fit the Simpson lafer (I tried his on) - but they are suede so loose up a bit.
I think in general people are too precious with their clothes. I look after mine obviously (actually probably a bit obsessively for someone who typed the previous sentence) - shoe trees, brush suit. proper wide shoulder hanger, polish shoes etc...but it as happy put a suit in a pannier to cycle to work or cycle short distance in it...perhaps I actually look dreadful, but to me clothes are made to worn. Sid Mashburn makes a similar comment here (always cracked me up the...
I am almost with you here Mr Nelson, but I sometimes take off my jacket and/or tie if I getting hot and stuffy throughout the day (our office is quite hot as is summer weather for this poor Scotsman).I also think a shirt and time only can work but it is harder to look good in and depend on the shirt fitting very well.I think the Miller brothers of Barker Black and Miller's Oath do it well. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Mr Nelson. I always say a colourful pair of socks can brighten your day. Of course, some can look garish but if you are smart about how you wear them they can look great.There is a well dressed chap at my work (often in well shone Norwegian Splits or Single Monks) who had a bright red pair of yesterday - looked fantastic. I like pink, purple and red the best, the orange works well too. Other than that the power of grey socks continues to impress me (in my latter...
This might interest some of you - http://designing007melbourne.com/
Very nice Jason. Very nice.EDIT: Just checked out the others online. Beautiful. Did you name them after places you like to fish? Like the personal touch.Am seriously think we Melbourne Members should start a tie co-op...I cannot really justify buying anymore..one of these might make a great Christmas present (or me and others).
See what I mean. Does this mean I am blacklisted now...
No idea on Suit Shop but I think (going for a fairly standard fabric) PJ trousers are about $350. These things always depend on a few factors but that should give you a ballpark. Others might be able to help and the chaps at PJ's are pretty good at answer questions (though it has been a while since a "initial enquiry" email).By the way, you just broke the first rule of Aus Members thread - asking about PJ pricing...or did I break it by trying to answer...hahahaha
Realised that too late - "EDIT: Except if you mean why does the Carmina online store not have chocolate ones, in which case it might be worth email them to ask."Either way i have found both Carmina and Skoaktiebolaget quick to respond, but on Gerry's advice was very direct in my communication with Carmina.
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