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I always wanted one of these when I lived in the UK. I have a navy Crombie overcoat and it is a thing of beautiful.
The perfect attire for anyone going to the Yeezus concert.(If anyone has a spare ticket throw it this way).
Anyone got a price for this?
Romp. That is spot on the right way to do it. Bravo.I am happy to talk to anyone about the price of my PJ stuff if I helps them. But I would do it privately and might not give exact figures where I may have been given a discount.I was also taught it was rude to ask, and would only really ask people I knew quite well. As an example Nice Guy Nelson and I discuss pricing on clothing (broadly) often as we have similar interests. He is just better with his money than I am.I...
Shoes next I would say Oli - Oxfords ib black and brown would be my recommendation but I know you march to the beat of your own drum.Oh and an expensive umbrella (of course).
“The rain it raineth on the just. And also on the unjust fella; But chiefly on the just, because. The unjust hath the just's umbrella.” - Lord Bowen"Buy a cheap umbrella." California Dreamer
That sweater looks fantastic LA Guy. Had not noticed it before...might need to take another look. For reference only (of course). I cannot quite justify buying anything at this point (unfortunately)
Or Halloween, to wear with a Fox umbrella? I know your passions CD.
Any Melbourne Members going to the next Wear for Success event - Beer Tasting next Wednesday I believe ( @lennier ?)
Dry clean before or after the meetup up?JimmyHoffa - I remember you were looking for navy Common Projects...well these are not CPs but look quite nice and at a decent price -'t might a pair myself, now Pink Socks...
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