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I'll join the fun. Chelsea boot - Carmina, Jeans - Gant, Cuffs - Model's own.
Surely not our own "nice guy" Garry Ne(i)lson? No, just checked, this guy is not in Goodyear welted shoes....all good.Compliments....just for you.
Time for (small pun for fxh) an Australian Members Watch Sub Thread....just saying....
I'll trade you for a Fox umbrella...
Thanks fxh. This picture is actually from my favourite news story of the week - http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/first-samesex-couple-marry-in-australia-under-british-law-20140627-zso9d.htmlThese chaps are almost spot on in their Scottish wedding attire (no need for a belt if you have the waistcoat). Wore pretty much this for my own wedding (minus the belt and with a nice kilt pin) - 2 years ago this Sunday. Jesus, time goes fast the older you get (probably seems like a week for...
Trailblazer in a blazer.Yes, I think this might be the case. Happy enough if it is. House is in reasonable nick so hopefully it will not need too much work to start with (bathroom and kitchen need to be redone in the long run but nothing urgent).
I like the look of that. No idea on the sizing. Is there anything similar in the BB outlets here? What colour would you go for?
Thanks for the sale warning. Usual place? My wife did very well at the last one.See you on Thursday.
Thanks. Glad to hear that. Look forward to catching at the swear for Success night (presuming you're going). Who else is in for that?
You feeling alright Oli.On the sock talk the other day (this thread moves fast), I have a "no sock left behind" policy. Sometimes it means spending a good ten minutes searching but so far not one sock had been lost.Bought a house today (well, apartment - this is inner city Melbourne). Not sure what this means for my clothing budget but who cares, I'm very happy.
New Posts  All Forums: