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Thanks GN. Think I will try them out tonight. Thinking of pairing them blue and white striped PJ "house" colours shirt, navy Boglioli hopsack jacket and brown suede C&J Chukkas.
These look great. Not something I would wear myself, same with the Derbys Gerry posted earlier - beautiful, but not for me.Oh and iSurg, haven't you read Oli's posts - he is so minimalism he only wears one shoe (not even a pair) - black, because colour is excessive and slip on, because laces are time wasting and a frivolous accessory.
I own both of those items but think I will stick to wearing them separately. Still feel free to bring a date.Come Mr Nice Guy, he is spoiling for a fight...insulting shoes you like...drop the nice guy act and attack!#fridaytroublemaking
Nice touch.
Sounds like a great excuse for an outfit comprised of light blue cocktail cuffed shirt, grey suit and black or navy grenadine tie (if I was to wear items I own now). [[SPOILER]] Or a white or midnight shawl lapel dinner jacket (neither of which I own sadly, for the moment...at least) .Then again the Australian bond, Lazenby, did wear a kilt... [[SPOILER]] Look forward to hearing more details.
What about going to get a coffee/walking on the beach/late night supermarket shopping?
Found them - http://weareallalright.tumblr.com/post/50772935377/cabin-bag-schabin-bag-3-pairs-to-cover-almost Are they Lunar 1s?
Fair enough Nabils - even weight loss has its negatives... Another quick question - which Nike Flyknits do you have? I remember they looked great.
Fair enough....I am sure you know more places than me...I cannot remember what the general consensus on APC were but these looked OK to me (maybe too slim).http://www.incu.com/shop-men/designer/apc/petit-standard-jeans-dark-blue/http://www.incu.com/shop-men/designer/apc/petit-new-standard-jeans-light-blue/Let us know how you go.
I bought my J Brand in a store called Pierucci on Chapel Street, Melbourne...no use to you but they are stocking in Australia. David Jones have some (but I have only seen them in the women's section so far...not that I tried those ones on....).Do you know a stockist for Baldwin here? Incu Clothing might be a good option, though I sure there are others with better suggestions.
New Posts  All Forums: