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Brilliant guys. I will see what I can do. Maybe I will ask if they know a good alterations place in Darwin too.
Antonio's Colours (I colori di Antonio)ACMI - Sat 8 Mar 2014, 2.30pmA discussion about tailoring in Melbourne will follow the screening on Sat 8 Mar at 2.30pm. Christian Kimber (Henry Bucks), Adriano Carbone (Master Tailor) and Mitchell Oakley Smith (Manuscript) will join Luc Wiesman (D'Marge) on stage.Buller? Buller? Anyone?
FXH Family Motto - Blessed is the sockless man, for he is in touch with his sole.
Pretty sure my Howard Yount socks are Marcoliani.
Not that we would have noticed...(Sorry couldn't resist)
Thanks GG. Henry Bucks main store is actually closed at the moment, they are planning a major reopening soon (April I think) - a lot more brands, targeting a younger market in the upstairs store, with the traditional stuff downstairs. Are you Australian? I am a Scot who has been living in Melbourne for the last 6 years. In terms of Eidos I can find the stuff online (or at least I should be able to when the new collection is released). it is more that I would love to be...
Thanks - not sure about Harrolds but I will ask next time I am in there.I spoke with my good friend Christian Kimber (http://christiankimber.com/) who works for Henry Buck about Eidos. He met Antonio at Pitti. I think given the Australian market Henry Bucks are waiting to see the brand grow and become more recognisable before they would stock it. Unfortunate but understandable. I think they will be stocking Isaia though
Congratulations ovlov.Anyone here going to this on Saturday (or any of the other days)? I am heading along for the Saturday session.http://www.acmi.net.au/fof_antionios_colours.aspxAntonio's Colours (I colori di Antonio) [[SPOILER]]
Eidos, to my eye, has the most interesting stuff around at the moment. The designs, the details (esp. the pockets), the fabric, the silhouette are all fantastic. I wish someone here in Australia carried the brand.
Too big for me FH. I was told the sizing was tight but I should have gone for the Large.FXH you would love them - they are great for going for going sockless.
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