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Thank them for their learned opinion and say you will take their advice into consideration.Then continue to wear what you like.
Thanks GN. Vote now.
Link us up chaps...
Interested in both of those. Spend too much on books though (esp menswear ones).Currently reading this - http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Fashion-Resource-Book-Men/dp/0500291322http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/fashion-and-style/10749463/Why-mens-fashion-is-not-like-womens-fashion.htmlAlso, should mention had a great morning with many other Melbourme members at the Kimber popup.
What I have read so far is very interesting and it is a beautiful book - quite expensive though. My only gripe is it is a book to want to read but is sized as a book you would look at if that makes sense.
Thanks GF - I am loving the book. I will listen to this when I get a chance.
Any of them wearing white jeans....wait what the hell I am I doing joining this bad taste joke...
My look today will both please and disappoint my old friend fxh. In his plus category I am wearing, his favourite, white jeans, in his negative category I cycled to work in them on a bicycle with no mud guards etc (the weather in Melbourne is nice - very nice for winter). Today's look is inspired by my old friend Michael Bastian. White jeans, casual blue shirt, sneakers.* http://www.wwd.com/eye/parties/trio-of-magazines-fete-milan-mens-fashion-week-5988080 *Kate Upton...
There is more in store and there is also a Sydney store opening soon (according to AFR).
And proud.Like fxh mentions - little sweat after a 10 min ride, esp in "winter". Different on a 40 degree day.
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