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Totes jealous
Why only 5pm on Friday though fxh? Friday after work was the easiest time to go...recommended if you can make it - esp. if you have a wife (yours or otherwise).
Yes - very good. Go if you can.
Just a warning - while you, or more like your wife/mistress/whatever may get a good deal here you run the risk of meeting fxh in person - where he will tell you in no uncertain terms what is wrong with your outfit and/or the world today.
Cutler and Gross Oli
So good Gerry!
Such great boots. Glad I got a pair too #brothersinkimbers
Speaking Of Lupos. Old / New. As Antonio says, buolt in fade. Note - the older one is not quite as washed as the camera picks up but you get the idea.
Email them - they did for me.
OK - I have a blue one and a yellow one (actually my wife's) as seen here. You should get the red one. [[SPOILER]]
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