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Really - I could have sworn they had more at the weekend. Barbour also in DJs.
They are prob in your laundry - you seem to don them a lot. Might need another set.
Yes. Maybe 44 in some of those Italian brands.
Of course. The only time I am EVER not working black tie is at work. Don't want to scare "superiors" and potential clients. I wear track suits to fit in.Looking forward to catching up there iSurg.
Nudist colony janitor?
That is how I use it. And use my clothes.Just for you PapaR - http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/102443071298/squared
Fair enough PR. I hear you on "wear without care" etc - true enough you have to wear what is appropriate for your situation. Just surprised you think a folded white square would be pushing the boundaries. I doubt anyone would care. A gushing purple and Orange silk waterfall that drips down your suit might draw the eye but a well chosen square would make me think - there is a well put together man - what is he offer (cue PoP, fxh, The Ernesto et al with jokes on your...
Fuck that noise. If you want to wear one, wear one. (I have been wearing them since I started wearing suits). If you don't, don't. Age and "position" have nothing to do with it.You tell him Foxy.
Saw this suit today. Looks great. Esp once the sunlight catches it.
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