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For those interested in grabbing a great deal on some Kimber and Eidos X Kimber products - jump onto http://christiankimber.com/collections/passport-sale and use the code "PASSPORTSALE" for 40% off - before this goes public next week. Products highly recommended by me and many others here.My advice - do not miss this. [[SPOILER]]
Shout to AndrewRogers. Excellent spirit. Reading and enjoying Ametora at the moment too.
I get the general point you are making and agree. For reference, Nice Guy Gerry often wears a (very nice) Rolex - but he fits into none of those categories....well, maybe one of two, eh Gerry?[For the record, I would wear a Rolex - secondhand, pepsi style or something like this if I was looking for a watch in that price range...either that or an old Omega...but for now my Patek does me fine...as demonstrated by Foxy and fxh....]
What @nickpollica said.
Welcome to the new thread eh? Looks like the same as before to me....all good then.
Hahaha. Thanks Gino - for flamboyance you are the man for the job.
Too cool for school Gerry.
In store at the moment - possibly only the Collins Street branch. Pretty sure the stuff they have on the website is discounted in store so you could call them. The sale might go online too but there site is not great. Probably worth just calling - they have a few lupos at about 175 AUD.
FYI for anyone in Australia - Henry Bucks has some Eidos kit on sale. Given the AUD value the prices are pretty good.
Well, at 32, I do watch the news and don't have any tattoos or piercings...Oli - delete this list and make up your own mind.
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