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That is you to a tee and Checky in the background.
Facebook stuff my man.https://www.facebook.com/events/575853912552337/
I might be keen but then it might be less hassle to organise ourselves.Are you going to Kimber launch?Haha, was just referencing this this morning when I caught up with Nice Guy Nelson and Christian Kimber. Christian is selling some suede waterproofer that is supposed to be awesome. Might be worth popping into the pop up.
Agreed - I love them but usually stock back in the Church's shop in Edinburgh or get them if I order from A Fine Pair of Shoes or similar....maybe see if any Sydney boys are ordering from UK at any point?
Look up filsonsale and sign up to their emails. They send you all the deals. Patience will be rewarded.
Porter x Monocle Sub Club in the wild.
When not cycling to work I use a Filson in Otter Green (same model as Foxy and Gazza) and most recent the Monocle x Porter Tote which I really like. When travelling large Filson duffle in tan, with Filson Dopp Kit in Navy. Might get an Porter bag down the line. As you can tell I prefer the more casual bag but do always look at Nice Guy Nelsons briefcase with envy. Monocle x Porter Sub Club Tote
I know. Well good on them at least.
Haha! Typical my last choice comes first. Not sold on striped grenadine yet but look forward to seeing how it turns out. I liked the sound of navy, green and gold. Went to the Wear for Success sale on Friday night. My wife and sister both found a few things. And, for $5 each, I got a Lanvin green tie and this Aspesi shirt - http://www.aspesi.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Aspesi-EU-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=CE36E54201031&cgid=&prefn1=&prefv1=&prefn2=&prefv2 Great...
This was my interview - word for word - with immigration. Just after that the Stop the Boats really ramped up.
New Posts  All Forums: