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Interesting point and there was a big discussion on sales in the Eidos thread. But I like the sales. And with Eidos it works out as I am a slightly "bigger guy" looking at a "slimmer guy's" label.
Can you elaborate Fox? I do not understand this.I have 3 Eidos pieces and they are lovely. I am a cheapskate (or opportunist) so they were all bought in good sales at great prices. Think Nice Guy Nelson has a similar experience.
Is this a genuine question? Did you look at the posting?Or just your usual snark...hahahaha- the latter of course.Exactly.
Marked under problems I wish I had and never will...Great news on Trunk. It seems like a great store and those I know who have visited praise it highly. Look forward to going when I finally get to visit London again. In the meantime we are lucky enough to have Eidos coming to Henry Bucks here in Melbourne. Soon hopefully.
Intoxicated more like.
Was thinking exactly the same here. Basically this collection could take you pretty much anywhere, any occasion.Bravo Antonio and bravo Christian.
LM - Poster boy for Linen for Summer.That and our good friend Garry Nelson who rocked this outfit yesterday to perfection - http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-via-della-vigna-nuova-florence/
Also check out c_kimber. A friend of mine based here in Melbourne who has been collaborating with Antonio on some footwear for Eidos.
Natty too.
Any updates on the Bucks sale? Worth a visit? (Not that I need anything).
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