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Congratulations Jase. Great news.
Bravo Gerry!
Haha...fair point. Put up a new bike rack and a few animal head hooks (might post a picture at some point as that sounds stranger than they are).Walls are pretty solid but think I am getting used to the drill. Not sure what's up next but I think Bunnings will be making a lot more from me than Bucks this year.Invention may be needed.
Wow - it is wall to wall Aus Members there.Thanks for the stat.s - 7th place for all time posts. 1st for quality and contributors. Bravo Aus Members thread.
Who? Any links? There is some good stuff there but lots of not so good stuff too. By the way, I just changed my avatar. Apologies to anyone who finds it as confusing as I do when people do that. Friday night fun - bought a power hammer drill. And I thought menswear was pricey... By the way, any of you chaps know how many posts the big thread on SF has. This thread must be up there (or am I dreaming).
Where else would he put his mobile? (Fxh - I owe you are reply).
In response to your question yesterday, my wife washed some clothes which had had dye run into them with salt and this fixed them. No promises though.Good luck if it rains. As my mother always told me - "You're waterproof.".
Maybe we should head here for next Melbourne Members night. Before it's gone.
And they all lived happily ever after.
I wish the guys who painted place prior to putting it up for sale had done this....in reality their sloppy fast work has just created extra work for me (windows painted shut, mismatched locks, paint drips all over).Thank you to all those who have provide advice and reach out. When work is a little less crazy I will go through it all again and get back to people.Love this thread and the support it offers.I was thinking to be real #menswear, these items would be...
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