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Start with Oxiclean. Wait for fxh rant if that does not work.
Hell yes - Gerry and I regularly talk about how wonderful chukkas are - http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/95711680573/gezzasmenswear-the-capsule-wardrobe-akaWearing my Carmina pair today. They normally get at least a wear a week. i have a pair of Kimbers and a pair of C&Js too.
No. A factory in Spain. He sought them out. Toured, tried, tested etc. Good quality.I don't know who made them. Juan? Carlos? Pablo?Why do you ask?
http://www.christopherbates.com/ - Christopher Bates is a contemporary menswear and footwear brand specializing in elegant evening wear and modern sportswear for confident and stylish ...?Hahaha.
SE - the wallets are brilliant. Love mine. Burgundy or green? Green for me. Glory Glory to the Hibees
Sharing is caring GF....
Not sure if it has changed but some products are no excluded. Try the Live Chat on their website or email them....they are usually very quick and helpful (PS I don't work for them either....hahaha).
No - just know him well and thought people here would be interested. Henry Bucks has/had field jackets too (don't work for them either!).
Fox - you can resist everything but temptation. Just remember the prices are USD not AUD unfortunately. Still some amazing deals here and I just great to see some cool products that linked here (sometimes I am actually grateful they are not in my size).
For those interested in grabbing a great deal on some Kimber and Eidos X Kimber products - jump onto http://christiankimber.com/collections/passport-sale and use the code "PASSPORTSALE" for 40% off - before this goes public next week. Products highly recommended by me and many others here. Plus Christian is a great guy, as many here will attest.My advice - do not miss this. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: