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If any of your wifes/girlfriends/partners/mums ask why you have got a new pair of shoes - don't mention my name. I have already got in too much trouble for being an enabler. Glad to help though and wear your shoes in good health. Just on the way home from another successful Suitably Connected event. You can always tell the SF members - just look at the shoes. An enjoyable night as always.
"All the lasses shout helloDonald Pink Socks Where's yer troosers?"
Never riding a bike? That is crazy.
Cross Post from the Australian Members threadWearing my Eidos jacket, as captured by Christian Kimber of C Kimber (If you do not own one of his fantastic pocket squares - order one now. You'll thank me later). [[SPOILER]] Details [[SPOILER]] Note - the #menswear collar sprezzatura was a complete accident (honest) and i fixed it as soon as I saw the photograph.
For anyone who wants to see my Eidos jacket - here is the closest I am likely to a WIWT photograph. As captured by Christian Kimber this morning. Alternatively come along to the Suitably Connected event tonight.http://instagram.com/p/rnptbSqm5k/ [[SPOILER]] Details [[SPOILER]] Note the #menswear collar sprezzatura was a complete accident (hoenst) and i fixed it as soon as I saw the photograph.
If you ordered from Herring write to them - their customer service is pretty decent....your shoes have probably arrived already known them.My pleasure Osiris, happy to help. Not been to Brisbane yet - going for a wedding in May next year. Don't worry about the rounds put the money towards something else or buy a small gift for someone (flowers are always nice).#sharethelove(anddiscountcodes)
For anyone who is interested - got this from Herring Shoes "We have noticed that you still have a request for a sale or second shoe that we are unable to fulfil. Sadly we no longer get very much stock of these shoes, so we wanted to give you a big discount instead, so that you can get a shoe you want at a great price. Please use this 25% discount code HSSUB25 against any full price shoe purchase during the month of August. Just enter HSSUB25 into the box that says...
CD - maybe this is the perfect time to debut your goth ninja look. In navy, of course for Foxy and the Classic Menswear crowd.By the way, Foxy (you addict, I see you on the NMWA thread), nice post in the vain of Fuck Yeah Menswear."The truth.The future.My legacy.Steezus Christ."http://fuckyeahmenswear.tumblr.com/post/1479708920/nature-vs-nurture-its-tough-to-say-when-your
Yes, this sounds good. Or possibly a couple of straps. Metal negs does not interest me, nor does leather NATO (though maybe a nice plain suede or leather).
@Gerry Nelson - this is the what I gave you from Carmina. How have you found it works?
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