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Price Drop.
Foxy - did you ever elaborate on this? I am genuinely interested.
And it is well worth it. Too be honest on those zig zags I will either cave one day or if I ever get asked for present ideas for myself (which happens, sometimes via someone else) I put these forward (in case anyone wants to get me a gift).In the meantime I will continue to recommend HC to anyone who might possible be looking for a tie. Esp guys getting married.
Yes, that's what the Eidos discussion was about and it was good food for thought.Though to be honest I am not sure I would have bought the Eidos stuff at full price, esp with the dollar value. Just my personal take. If I love something and really want (or maybe for once need) it I will get it straightaway. If not I'll take the gamble with the sales.*Is it better to sell something in the sales that not at all? If so, this is where people like me come in. But perhaps we are...
Bloomingdales, Haberdash, Lawrence Covell, Carson Street, SF B&S, eBay - anyone that stocks them at the right time of the season.
Interesting point and there was a big discussion on sales in the Eidos thread. But I like the sales. And with Eidos it works out as I am a slightly "bigger guy" looking at a "slimmer guy's" label.
Can you elaborate Fox? I do not understand this.I have 3 Eidos pieces and they are lovely. I am a cheapskate (or opportunist) so they were all bought in good sales at great prices. Think Nice Guy Nelson has a similar experience.
Is this a genuine question? Did you look at the posting?Or just your usual snark...hahahaha- the latter of course.Exactly.
Marked under problems I wish I had and never will...Great news on Trunk. It seems like a great store and those I know who have visited praise it highly. Look forward to going when I finally get to visit London again. In the meantime we are lucky enough to have Eidos coming to Henry Bucks here in Melbourne. Soon hopefully.
New Posts  All Forums: