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For Sale - Crockett and Jones Sydney loafers - brown calf size 9.5UK More details via link in signature or here Any questions, please let me know.
For sale Crockett and Jones Sydney loafers - size 9.5UK. They come with original box and shoe bags (shoe trees not included). They are in great condition. $270 $250 $235 plus delivery. Free if you can meet in Melbourne area - otherwise we work that out (approx $20 in Australia, $50 international - if it is cheaper I will refund the difference). I have tried to capture them from a few angles to give you a good idea of the shoes. Here is a commercial link to these shoes...
CD - do you link you ebay sales here. I have a Visvim shirt for sale for anyone who is interested - http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=251743075708 Need to get my other stuff, including C&J's, an Ovadia and Sons down vest, Boglioli jacket and more up soon.
Fixed that for you.
Bravo Nolvadex, bravo. How long has it been now Foxy?
Smart staff.
The perfect Nepalese shoe...
Thanks GF. Could not get that to work a few weeks ago. Might have just been me.
Agree with all that has been said on Mensbiz. Their shop in The Block Arcade is nice too but quite small. I went there recently as they did not have the stock in the warehouse. Also, I could not get the code to work last time. Can anyone share a working code. Agree their prices are higher than overseas but compared to other Australian stores it Is very competitive.
I thought the standard was 50% upfront, 50% on delivery - which in theory covers/is fair for everyone.
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