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Will let you know if I find something similar.
All this talk on hats reminds me I need to head (fxh pun) into town and see if there is anything for me at City Hatters. Got a $100 voucher. I like the stoffa ones discussed earlier. http://stoffa.co/collections/hats/products/hat-rabbit-felt-rollable Just wonder if I can pull it off.
fxh - prefers people IRL.By the way, in person he is the personification of his SF profile. Take that however you will (I mean it as a compliment fxhy).
Brown suede belt with everything.
http://instagram.com/p/umRI-8QdzS/ Saw this and thought of you all. Not agreeing or disagreeing. Just chuckling to myself.
Haha....and most men of your age (and even mine) envy that you still have hair.
Pretty sure this is run by Ageysh of Isaia (and Pitti) fame.
The sizing of Barbour’s clothing is divided into three segments: Heritage: Slim fit. Order one size up for a close fit and 2 sizes up for a larger fit. Contemporary: A fitted cut. Order regular size, but expect a lean and close fit. Classic: An active cut for comfort in the field with a traditional fuller cut. In the case of Barbour outerwear, sizing takes into account the appropriate layers beneath. That means you do not need to order a size up for a comfortable fit.
Pretty sure that that would be Classic...think the Slim Fits are called Heritage (there is also an Asian model)....not sure about having it slimmed but Foxy had his altered in someway. http://www.barbour.com/eu/all-collections/mens/quilted-jackets/heritage-liddesdale-quilted-jacket/p/MQU0240NY92L
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