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Think you are mistaking this for a menswear forum.
California Pete.
Not that I need a pair but out of curiousity, how much are a pair of RRL jeans here?
I saw CK last night and said "a guy on Style Forum has the Eidos shoes, how?" and he said "I sent them to him." Didn't know they were available yet. Not sure I can justify a pair just yet, but you are right - super nice guy.
Superb. Where did you collect these from?
Never heard of it until now. Looks good.
Uniqlo. Much better than Happy Socks. Superb value.
Thanks for sharing Fox - I'll read in full when I get a chance. How did you find this?
Penhaligons Blenheim Bonquet
Try Haven for Huntsman in 34. They sent me them by mistake a couple of months ago.
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