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Found when reorganising our books the other day (my wife is a teacher). Just need some green gloves. Also realised my books on men's fashion is getting a bit out of hands. There are some not even in this photograph.
Yeah...but then you did buy a lot of menswear there too....hahaha....no I agree with your sentiment, just being a troublemaker.
That sounds perfect for a winter evening....does it work for spring in QLD?
I have bought some Drakes ties from CEP in the past. Great product, great price, great person.Light grey cashmere is brilliant tie. Other good ones there too.
Depends if you want a job in a hipster (haha, sorry Matt) bar or as a janitor.Or if you can grow a proper one like TBM a role in a Bollywood movie as an evil landowner.Just don't get into the hat business. It is dying. Oli told me.http://www.primermagazine.com/2010/learn/the-man-who-killed-the-hat
Will let you know if I find something similar.
All this talk on hats reminds me I need to head (fxh pun) into town and see if there is anything for me at City Hatters. Got a $100 voucher. I like the stoffa ones discussed earlier. http://stoffa.co/collections/hats/products/hat-rabbit-felt-rollable Just wonder if I can pull it off.
fxh - prefers people IRL.By the way, in person he is the personification of his SF profile. Take that however you will (I mean it as a compliment fxhy).
Brown suede belt with everything.
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