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Well you do say "Bitch" a lot...
Nice to see you back posting iSurg. Really great to catch up last weekend. I need to order myself one of those denim shirts you and Mr Kimber had from PJ - they look superb (...how much did it cost...).
Welcome to the thread. PJ pricing questions...you'll find right in. The usual response is to contact them and really the price all comes down to fabric and what details you want. But to give you an idea I recently picked up a pair of Cotton Trouser which usually cost about $400 (I got mine at a cheaper rate do to a small error in the order). Just don't ask about shoe topying. Out of interest, where did you move from and why are you thinking of choosing Zink and Sons and...
Nice. I think they will work well for me.
Well good luck googling trousers in that colour...
Are fkn ties up to the quality of Drakes, Vanda and Henry Carter. If so I would wear one.
PoP - are you trying to find ways to wear Pantone's colour of 2014 - Radiant Orchid? http://whentowear.tumblr.com/post/78761213707/radiantorchid
And the Oscar for best foreign joke goes to...
For anyone Melbournians who are interested The Great Beauty is showing at The Astor tomorrow night. Only $10. Highly recommended.
The Uniqlo ones are nice and sleek but they have a zip. Is there a reason it needs to be buttons?I imagine Lands End, Polo, J Crew (ie overseas online) might have what you are looking for. Maybe Patagonia.
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