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Fxh only charges $4.97. His advice is terrible*, but it is a thousand times better than you will get there.*with the notation exception of his wisdom on high waisted trousers (ah, OK, and a few other things).
@NickPollica - wonder if you were able to (and kind enough to) give me the shoulder and chest measurements for this jacket in size 54R - http://www.lawrencecovell.com/Eidos-Napoli-Tenero-Green-Multi-Pane-Jacket.html Or the Tenero in general? I have tried emailing Lawrence Covell a couple of times but with no luck. I am really keen to get in but being in Australia means I need to get it shipped to a forwarding address in the US so would like to be as sure as I can before I...
This just popped up on my Tumblr feed - http://hangerproject.tumblr.com/post/87910946534/an-oldie-but-goody-kirby-shows-how-the-high
Tights = next level menswear? This thread cracks me up.
Nice Guy Gerry Garry Nelson is your man to answer about polishing. I keep hoping he will put something on his amazing (but somewhat neglected) tumblr site.Basically it is about time and effort, with continual layers of small amounts of polish. And yes, he uses tights (he had some when he was polishing at the Henry Bucks event). Not comment on if he was wearing a pair too.
Don't just steal the photo. Garry has enough shoes - just steal the boots too, he won't notice.
Thank you Brian - that helps.
Brian Are you able to give the shoulders measurements of Eidos sportscoats in 42 and 44? Do they fit quite slim? Thanks.
No problem, thank you.
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