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OK if you meet near Fed Sq fxh and I can join you. I'll text the Hound.
$16 Matt.
Ending today for anyone who was interested.
My experience of this is that do not ship overseas and you cannot proxy to a UK address but pay with an international card. The transactions will disappear from your account in a few days.Melbourne Uniqlo is opening soon. I am going to try to get to the popup store today to get a gilet.Be nice to the new guest LM....it's not like he had a go at Halloween...LM come along to the screening of Antonio's Colours at ACMI (Fed Square) at 2.30pm today. I will be there as will FXH...
I agree David. 5 stars from me too. (Wait that makes me Margaret....)
Brilliant guys. I will see what I can do. Maybe I will ask if they know a good alterations place in Darwin too.
Antonio's Colours (I colori di Antonio)ACMI - Sat 8 Mar 2014, 2.30pmA discussion about tailoring in Melbourne will follow the screening on Sat 8 Mar at 2.30pm. Christian Kimber (Henry Bucks), Adriano Carbone (Master Tailor) and Mitchell Oakley Smith (Manuscript) will join Luc Wiesman (D'Marge) on stage.Buller? Buller? Anyone?
FXH Family Motto - Blessed is the sockless man, for he is in touch with his sole.
Pretty sure my Howard Yount socks are Marcoliani.
Not that we would have noticed...(Sorry couldn't resist)
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