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Haha - you know fxh well - doesn't wash socks either (as he does not wear them).
M's Huntsman > Bond's Ford.
Thanks. Looked there already. No info on the boots worn in the African scenes.
Read that too but the writer seemed quite unsure. Either way best kit in the film. Along with the ivory DJ.
Help me out Alden aficionados - in Spectre does Bind wear Alden suede boots at one point. Milkshake in colour I am pretty sure they are Alden but cannot find anything about it. Anyone know? I am waiting for eBay oh so slow Global Shipping to finally deliver a pair of Alden X Leffot Coonet boots. I cannot wait for them to arrive.
Cucinelli number.
I saw it. Liked the suit. Tie might have shrunk in the wash (mysterious backstory for DR).
Yeah TBM get $600 worth of socks.
For those interested in the Eidos X Kimber boots I believe the discount code "StyleForum" works on
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