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Read that too but the writer seemed quite unsure. Either way best kit in the film. Along with the ivory DJ.
Help me out Alden aficionados - in Spectre does Bind wear Alden suede boots at one point. Milkshake in colour I am pretty sure they are Alden but cannot find anything about it. Anyone know? I am waiting for eBay oh so slow Global Shipping to finally deliver a pair of Alden X Leffot Coonet boots. I cannot wait for them to arrive.
Cucinelli number.
I saw it. Liked the suit. Tie might have shrunk in the wash (mysterious backstory for DR).
Yeah TBM get $600 worth of socks.
For those interested in the Eidos X Kimber boots I believe the discount code "StyleForum" works on
To me the article linked below puts forward a much better picture of PJ style. Still not for everyone, but certainly better represented here -
Wine Fridge?
Didn't know this was out yet. Keen to see it.
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