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Once I am sure of my size I might grab a couple more.I love the detail you provide here @nickpollica.
I got a couple of the Uniqlo Classic OCBD. While the collar is maybe not SF official size it certainly is not too small and for $30 they were a bargain. Blue and pink (yes Oli, pink). Considering a white at some point too.
I might be up for this Coxy if I end up ordering and it works for PP.This the place you were talking about where you went for your honeymoon? Looks good.
Price Drop. Any queries, please let me know.
Thanks PP. I am in Melbourne. Leaning towards both Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather. Will see if I can check them out this week and then PM you.On a different topic, I am heading to Bali for work next week. I have four days of work and roughly four days for play, Anyone have any recommendations?On the list so far - Potatohead, The Rock, Naughty Nuri's, surfing lessons (anyone recommend a school)?Will be there will work people - aged between 25-35. Any advice appreciated.I can...
PP - what's the latest I can get in these splits? (Can I go to DJs over the weekend?). Also, and apologies if this was already answered, is there a postage discount on multiple purchases?
Having heard the feedback here and read some reviews I am keen to get some of these. Need to get to a DJs and try a few out. Will be in touch then and hopefully can get in on a spilt.Based on reading and feedback I think I will like Oud Wood and Tuscan Leather.Good work on this PP (well, apart from being an enabler that has me thinking about a purchase I hadn't considered). Another great thing about this thread.
This is starting to interest me now - was there any post on the different fragrances? Tried a search but there was a lot of results. Might try to get to DJ or similar at some point too.When would these fragrances be except to arrive (for Melbourne)?
Gant by Michael Bastian Pink Oxford Buttondown Shirt with Tartan Collar and Cuffs - Size Large Beautiful shirt with lovely black watch tartan details. Shipping - $10 in Australia, $25 Worldwide. Collection available in Melbourne. Any questions, let me know. "A pink oxford - for days you're hungover. A sales guy at Bergdorf Goodman told me that when I worked there and it's the best thing anyone has ever told me about menswear. Everybody looks better in a pink shirt- a...
In case anyone is interested. Just let me know if you have any questions (regarding the jacket or shirt, before I get asked the best place to Topy a PJ suit). http://www.styleforum.net/t/447602/boglioli-tan-cotton-jacket-unlined-size-42-52-coat-model-excellent-condition-comes-with-spare-buttons/0_50 http://www.styleforum.net/t/447606/gant-by-michael-bastian-pink-oxford-shirt-with-tartan-detail-size-large/0_50
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