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This takes me back.
I was waiting for you to say "Uniqlo" or post a 5 page story of a trip to an Op Shop in Aberdeen.
Ede and Ravenscroft quality is far better than CT though, JM. Their boxers are the best I have ever had - in tersm of quality and fit (for me)....but you cannot buy online sadly...hoping they are still available and I can stock up when in Edinburgh and London at Christmas (helps that they have nice sales). Edit - found the boxers online but am going to wait until the sales and buy them in store.
Grindr being more respectable presumably.
Kimber has one on his site - unique to him. It is awesome.
Someone clean this thread up.
fxh - well done. Very well done. PS Please do more.
Nice Guy Gerry will buy these and add them to our co-op.Look forward to seeing what you have.
Thanks - looking for leather sole if possible. Leffot / Shoe Mart are the closest so far and both cheaper than Frans Boone. Shoe Mart no speed hooks, Leffot only size up available....getting close, so close.
Would you ship to Australia?
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