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Trousers look great Jas. 4 seasons sound perfect to me.
Haha...I believe the #menswear crowd call it next level...haha....(PS it was more of a weak joke than a weak shot....as you saw last night I have plenty of weak jokes).
Yes, good night, thanks for coming chaps. Think you covered everyone Coxy, CHECKstar turned up later on (drunk enough to think anyone carrying an umbrella was Style Forum member).Coxy arrived wearing a hat in a rakish Roger Sterling manner (sorry we did not get a chance to get catch up much, hope you found the buttons you were looking for).ISurg had a very nice shirt too - I didn't get a chance to get details on the fabric - some of formal light denim (god that sound...
Sure, someone lend Forensick a suit for his wedding...Melbourne Members are coming to Sydney.
Yeah have to admit that was my first thought too...well after thinking you were in your boxers and remember thebrownman's joke about this site being one step too closer Grindr sometimes....
With this advice, just get a kilt (though they do have a little room if you don't succeed with point 2).
Sure. What's our budget PoP?
Love my orange HC knit tie - a little bit of sunshine in my day.
Haha, Matt a cardboard cutout would be a poor stand in. Shame you can make it - are you swamped with reports etc now.Christian might be coming along...had not notice any similarity to LM....will need to look out for that...come to think of it I have never seen them in the same place...when I met Matt, Christian was "in Vietnam".
Just a reminder if you want to come along and hear fxh and Gerry bang on about how amazing Japan is share a few beers and chat about matters of style, world affairs and other bullshit. Melbourne Members Meet Up Tuscan Bar, 79 Bourke Street (across the road from American Tailors) 7pm onwards Dress Code: No socks* Hope to see you there. *Foxy - this is a joke for fxh's benefit (wear socks or not - whatever)
New Posts  All Forums: