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You can usually get cornflowers at Flinders Street Station on Derby Day. Presume it is the same for other days. If you have the time it would be cheaper and easier to buy a bunch of the appropriate flowers for the day for the lady/gentleman in your life or your mum or whatever - then pinch one for your lapel.
Me too. Actually it might not even need to be as stripey shirt....
I get the "stop looking at your fashion stuff on your phone" comment all the time.Bravo Mr Nelson. That looks awesome. Was just wondering how I could wear mine a bit more despite having a very casual weekend wardrobe.
We are on the same page - patch pockets and stern looks from wives for thoughts excess PJ spending.
Oh, I thought that was St Kilda beach.
Connery shows you how (and where, if possible) to wear a Panama. [[SPOILER]]
For all you Topy heathens. http://croquissartoriaux.tumblr.com/post/100065718663/after-about-ten-bearings-i-will-recommend-you-to
Time to order a Negroni or two now.
Hahaha, glad to hear I am not alone. Doesn't bother me, she's happy, looks great and the hat gets some use. I remember it being very pricey. I will still only working as a temp on a working holiday visa at the time I bought it. As always I tailored my clothing budget to suit (someone earning 10 times more).
Charlie wears the hell out of a hat. That is what I try for in mine. My wife looks better in it though. Bought it from City Hatters 6 years. It has got a bit of split in the back now but I think that adds character.Sorry no spoiler button on mobiles. And excuse terrible iphone pictures.J Shelby Bryan looks damn good in his.http://milstil.tumblr.com/post/87926912833/too-pristine-j-shelby-bryan-meets-allGot a $100 City Hatters voucher for birthday recently. Not sure what to...
New Posts  All Forums: