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Wow - a year, you are an inspiration (to someone as weak as me at least). They look lovely, wear them in good health.Now, isn't it about time someone organised a Melbourne Members Meetup....
No, but I probably owe you one - maybe just pretend I have send a thoughtful, witty response (first time for everything).Thanks Foxy - ordered now..Happy Birthday to me (when it comes/when they arrive).Chuck it all in, sell everything, move to Nigeria....alternatively wait and see how it turns out when it gets back (have faith!). I get your disappoint though (just having a little funny), it would have been nice to walk away with the product or leave knowing little had to...
Great idea HC. Love the Australian Members one, look forward to seeing what happens here.
Agreed Foxy - though boots are awesome.More pictures of your MMM GATs please....
Interesting use of the word 'issue" (excuse me, I am just jealous).
Dress sense = 0Burgers = Best in town (Barney Allens, St Kilda).
When looking for well dressed at The Brownlow you always have to wait for Mike Fitzpatrick to come out. Tim Watson sometimes does OK too.
Fair enough. This was round my way, I promise.
A couple of good Op Shop buys today. The Great Beauty on DVD - $3. Pair of RRL jeans - $8.
Be honest - did you just want a new PJ suit?Only joking TBM. Many congratulations again. Such great news.
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