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Agreed. Suits = Esquire 1995-2005, Peaky Builders = Esquire 1920-30
He is getting a movie through ACMI. Think he is aiming for The Great Beauty if possible. If you have not seen it, it is highly recommended - for the sartorial side as much as anything.
Speaking of Melbourne get togetherness - Come along to Kimber's launch and/or check out his popup. I'll be there and, more importantly, so with Nice Guy Gerry (before he heads with fxh to Vue De Monde).
Your idea of classy is trying to use your Flybuys to score in the pub...
Talking about the Eidos x Kimber collection. For those who are in Melbourne or Australia (or those willing to travel), add this to your calendar. See you there.
I got a pair of these about 5 years ago. Unfortunately they scratched up pretty quickly. Hope yours last better. Still really like mine just wish they looked newer.
Matt - The site Permanent Style might have a few ideas for you. Also, PJ are doing a visit - prob too expensive though. Honestly think Permanent Style will give you some good insights. I am sure there are a few around.
Eidos fits on the smaller side compared to British and American brands in my experience. To me it sounds like you need the size up and you would be better to sell and get something you feel comfortable in and will enjoy both in terms of look and feel when you wear it. I wear 42(52) and Large in UK brands but 44(54) and XL in brands like Boglioli and Eidos.
Is trolling you Foxy?
Yes - definitely If. Has anyone seen the film of the same name...the Lindsay Anderson masterpiece? http://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2014/jul/29/malcolm-mcdowell-mick-travis-if-role-model
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