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Anyone own any Eidos shirts - can you advise on the sizing? Sorry, it does not make sense to me. Collar sizing does not really help. If I am a 54R in sportscoats does that make me a 42/16.5 in casual shirts?
It is a shame the sale is not online too. How does the sizing of the shirt work? I am interested in a popover but want to get the size right if order for delivery to Australia.I am a 54R in the Eidos (Tenero) jacket I have.PapaR - hope you are having a nice tome over there.
Pretty sure Calfornia Dreamer will pick up both those umbrellas. He lives for deals on quality, expensive umbrellas.(Sorry CD, could not resist).
Put them in the freezer. This is what my mother used to do when I was a children.Will kill bacteria too.(Just remind me never to eat at your house!...only joking.)
No idea. But thank you for asking a question relating to the thread.All the financial/intellectual dick measurement is getting quite boring.
Exactly. Clothing forum gentleman. It does not matter. This thread is an escape and a leisure.Me too LJ. Loving the travel stories snippets.
Speak to Nice Guy Nelson - he'll hook you up. 👹
So clothes...
LM - I cycle to work pretty much every day. It is not that far so I just cycle in training kit then change into my suit when I arrive. No need for a shower, except on really hot days. I use panniers - clothes can take a bit of folding. On Fridays, if I am just wearing jeans I cycle in my clothes.I used to cycle a far bit further and showered when arriving. Both work places have had good shower/changing facilities.Like Jas says great for the mind, also cheaper and more...
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