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Think Bucks and Double Monk have them or ask Google.
From pink socks to pink walls. My renovating has begun.
Love it Gerry. Love it.
I wore a snuff suede A1 blouson (kindly gifted by Mr Nice Guy Nelson) for the first time yesterday. Beautiful jacket but the look something I still need to get comfortable with it. Fit is probably similar to Guido (but in a larger model). That navy PRPL is sublime. Nice guy Nelson owns a couple of lovely A1 blousons esp his ring jacket one and the goat skin one from Bucks. He might post a link and show us all how it is done.
I agree with the group think - MARCELLA!
iSurg. My vote goes to the Tetbury. I would go suede over calf but calf is still beautiful. Very versatile shoe.
http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wOBcFt5tevY Paolo Nutini does A Man's A Man.
Why foxy? Just interested? You could try something like 50 greatest British poems (a BBC book). Might give you a good starting point. For me, a few favourites from memory - A man's a man - Robert Burns i carry your heart - ee Cummings Daffodils - William Wordsworth (I know everyone says that but so what) The Life of J Alfred Prucock - TS Eliot The World War One stuff by Wilfred Owen and Sigfred Sassoon Aubade by Philip Larkin If by Ruyard Kipling Try those and the link...
Well done Gerry - making the rest of us feel inadequate again. Haha - seriously you deserve the recognition - congratulations.
foxy - I have a bit of size to spare - do you it before I put it on B&S?
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