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Here are a few of my pictures from Tibet / Himalayas for you Foxy. [[SPOILER]]
Fix that for you. Hope the trip is going well (sounds like it).
Bought a couple of the OCBD. Great value and fit for $30.
PapaR - it will be. Eidos stuff is and you can see it in the first picture.
Thanks Badsha - that helps.
For anyone interested Bloomingdales have a good sale and cheap shipping to Australia (15 AUD). Their site takes you straight to Australia one with a AUD prices, which with conversion rate is about the same as the US site. Code NEWYEAR gets you an extra 25% off. Just order a couple of Eidos things....
Found a extra 25% off code for Bloomingdales - NEWYEAR - so took the risk on the Popover and Polo. If the sizing is way of I can always ebay or B&S. Good price for both. Beautiful looking products.....here's hoping sizing right.
Thanks @nickpollica - funny thing is I lost a fair bit of weight a few years ago and since then have not bought a OTR business shirt, only MTM by P Johnson. Casual shirts are usually S, M, L, XL sizing. was nt really sure where to start with OTR sizing based on collar size.I really like the look of the popover so I will look around based on your advice and check if other stores have any measurements. I have 2 Cruciani e Bella shirt which seem to be 16/41 so think 41/42...
Just a reminder if anyone is looking to treat themselves in this New Year - http://www.styleforum.net/t/443436/crockett-and-jones-sydney-loafers-brown-calf-with-box-and-shoe-bags-9-5uk/0_50
Good stuff Foxy. I remember my bus ride in from Tibet - mudslides, boarded by the army, people sitting on my knee. Was glad to Kathmandu. After the terrible food in Tibet went straight to the pizza place (Fire and Ice from memory) for some pizza and ice cream. Kathmandu is a wonderful but confusing place - usually takes me half a day at most to get my bearing....Kathmandu was more like 3. Would love to good back.Hope you have a wonderful trip.
New Posts  All Forums: