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I used to go to the Melbourne one and get a haircut and shave. It was great. Best haircut I have had, always happy with it. And a nice shave too. A bargain at $55 with approximately ever 7th one free (they do a card with stamp for every $50 spent).But the original guy has moved on (maybe to Sydney if you are lucky) and I am not as impressed by the new guy. Needed my haircut again after 2 weeks rather than my usual 5. Might try them again but am looking into a few other...
He is far too cool for this site.
I buy Kimbers direct from Kimber. Would be crazy not too. And can highly recommend his stuff.These are Aldens in collaboration with Leffot.
My latest eBay buy. Sought for a while. Finally landed.
What happened to the great seersucker debut?
A). If you are asking what I would do. If you have the DJ wear the thing. But only if you have a proper bow tie. If not C).Not sure what dressing down a DJ would be but think it is kind of an all or nothing thing.D) is always an option too. But that has nothing to do with clothing.
Henry Carter - thanks. Love this scene.
He is stalking my eBay sales...clearing out old stuff.....I can no longer fit into that skirt!
Maybe Gorman...Looking to buy something?
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