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Foxy you can find that next level stuff. Actually I have a cool hat I bought when I was in Nepal (for decorative purposes only).But seriously, fuck #menswear, take on the adventure. I would love to go back - only managed to spend 2 weeks there travelling between Tibet and India.
DR, leave the jokes to Skeen today.
There isn't.
Fixed that for you.Surely your post was not serious - that young men should not tuck shirts in...
Shoes are for the sheep Foxy. Barefoot - next level (plus think of the savings).In sad news, found a hole in the bottom of my C&J brown suede chukkas.
To buy into the Group Think (and so Oli knows what to do) - I totally agreed with JM and Mr Nice Guy. My last PJ was 3 patch and I will be going back to 2 patch from now on.Are you and Remy BFFLs now too? Hahaha...Great point. Actually i have bought quite a few things from Op Shops which I did not end up wearing and have give back to the same Op Shop. Worth the risk of buying, the worst thing that happens is you have donated. I am sure my wife takes this approach at the...
Congratulations Jase. Great news.
Bravo Gerry!
Haha...fair point. Put up a new bike rack and a few animal head hooks (might post a picture at some point as that sounds stranger than they are).Walls are pretty solid but think I am getting used to the drill. Not sure what's up next but I think Bunnings will be making a lot more from me than Bucks this year.Invention may be needed.
Wow - it is wall to wall Aus Members there.Thanks for the stat.s - 7th place for all time posts. 1st for quality and contributors. Bravo Aus Members thread.
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