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Didn't know this was out yet. Keen to see it.
This takes me back.
I was waiting for you to say "Uniqlo" or post a 5 page story of a trip to an Op Shop in Aberdeen.
Ede and Ravenscroft quality is far better than CT though, JM. Their boxers are the best I have ever had - in tersm of quality and fit (for me)....but you cannot buy online sadly...hoping they are still available and I can stock up when in Edinburgh and London at Christmas (helps that they have nice sales). Edit - found the boxers online but am going to wait until the sales and buy them in store.
Grindr being more respectable presumably.
Kimber has one on his site - unique to him. It is awesome.
Someone clean this thread up.
fxh - well done. Very well done. PS Please do more.
Nice Guy Gerry will buy these and add them to our co-op.Look forward to seeing what you have.
Thanks - looking for leather sole if possible. Leffot / Shoe Mart are the closest so far and both cheaper than Frans Boone. Shoe Mart no speed hooks, Leffot only size up available....getting close, so close.
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