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Wish they had measurements. A bit risky ordering for shipping to Australia (via freight forwarder).
Like the look of the Bastian. Too small for me though. More Foxy's size I guess.
Really - I could have sworn they had more at the weekend. Barbour also in DJs.
They are prob in your laundry - you seem to don them a lot. Might need another set.
Yes. Maybe 44 in some of those Italian brands.
Of course. The only time I am EVER not working black tie is at work. Don't want to scare "superiors" and potential clients. I wear track suits to fit in.Looking forward to catching up there iSurg.
Nudist colony janitor?
That is how I use it. And use my clothes.Just for you PapaR - http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/102443071298/squared
Fair enough PR. I hear you on "wear without care" etc - true enough you have to wear what is appropriate for your situation. Just surprised you think a folded white square would be pushing the boundaries. I doubt anyone would care. A gushing purple and Orange silk waterfall that drips down your suit might draw the eye but a well chosen square would make me think - there is a well put together man - what is he offer (cue PoP, fxh, The Ernesto et al with jokes on your...
New Posts  All Forums: