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It is not tool late...surely Silvo could sort out a private jet for you.
Gino - Sydney for your next catch up with Silvo.
Melbourne Members - who is going to Suitably Connected tomorrow. Obviously, Gino is coming for the coke, hookers and the part where we go and mug homeless people, but who else?
I think Gino fxh's new troll handle.
Wow - spot on. Look forward to seeing you there.
Thank you.
Gino, and others who might be interested, Suitably Connected - http://suitablyconnected.org/ "Suitably Connected is here to help Melbourne-based men connect socially and professionally. As a networking group, for men, we aim to give professionals from a range of industries a forum to expand their network against the backdrop of some fun and different events. From wine and beer tastings, to tailoring and how to dress for your workplace, our events are designed to be both...
Haha - you know fxh well - doesn't wash socks either (as he does not wear them).
M's Huntsman > Bond's Ford.
Thanks. Looked there already. No info on the boots worn in the African scenes.
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