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Interesting - everyone I know who has a pair loves them (including Gerry Nelson and Prince of Paisley here) after lusting after them in store for a while now I picked up a pair in the sale. Something like my 8/9 pair of suede boots but I am sure I will be wearing them all the time - especially when returning to work in the Australian summer.
Can vouch for Rekaris too - they have been great for resoling and reheeling for me. Usually pretty quick and well priced too. I would be up for a Melbourne catch up in the new year if someone wants to organise (as long as that Garry Nelson guy is not invited - always makes the rest of us look bad).
Some of those offers at sample sale make a flight to NYC tempting (though for here in Australia it is still a little much). Interested in any 54,, 38, XL if people have excess or willing to proxy... Also, Eidos Thomson cardigan is amazing. Even my wife loves it and she told me I should not get it. So glad I finally did.
I have been pretty happy with Bancrofts in South Yarra.Resisted most of the Black Friday sales - just an Eidos caridgan from Bloomingdales (the Eidos cardigan) and a linen Inis Meain jumper from No Man Walks Alone.
Socks? fxh - you have failed.All the best at the event TBMAnd to keep it sartorial - you made me think of Graydon and his grey socks...See more -
Greville St - there are two there and my wife has had a good experience with both. OnePointFourSeven and Luna Eyewear.
To be honest I went my regular size. Think @Gerry Nelson did the same.
TBM. Doing good work and looking damn good too.
Now I am dreaming of a white shawl dinner jacket...
Too cool Gerry.
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