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Marked under problems I wish I had and never will...Great news on Trunk. It seems like a great store and those I know who have visited praise it highly. Look forward to going when I finally get to visit London again. In the meantime we are lucky enough to have Eidos coming to Henry Bucks here in Melbourne. Soon hopefully.
Intoxicated more like.
Was thinking exactly the same here. Basically this collection could take you pretty much anywhere, any occasion.Bravo Antonio and bravo Christian.
LM - Poster boy for Linen for Summer.That and our good friend Garry Nelson who rocked this outfit yesterday to perfection - http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-via-della-vigna-nuova-florence/
Also check out c_kimber. A friend of mine based here in Melbourne who has been collaborating with Antonio on some footwear for Eidos.
Natty too.
Any updates on the Bucks sale? Worth a visit? (Not that I need anything).
Approximately what size?
Kimber did some shoes for the new Eidos collection inspired by Capa - The Correspondent. From the looks of things they have been working on some other stuff over the last few weeks. Christian is only just back in Melbourne. I am looking forward to catching up with him and hearing all about it.I expect the full details of The Correspondent collection to be revealed soon. Exciting stuff.
Gives me a great opportunity to improve my scroll skill. For me big slabs of text/insults that drag on bore me....but fine skim them if they make others happy. I am always interested in reading about other topics and do not mind some divergence but that is not really what I come here for.Yes Foxy, as my wardrobe, vast library of books and bank balance show.But really going to give this no (OK very limited) no purchase thing a shot - mostly to save but also because I really...
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