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Think I got it. Thanks.
Stupid question - can you avoid this and still us them make international returns? How would that work?
Anyone looking to sell an XL (or possibly L) navy Bedford jacket - preferably twill version but interested in ripstop too?
Peter trying to educate the world with a letter in today's Green Guide in The Age. Good luck...
Matt's are getting about forward - I sent one yesterday.Otherwise - Tom Walsh - tomw@suitshop.com.au
Was sad to hear this. Matt had a nice casual attitude which was good for taking friends who were only after one good suit and are not into all this clothing nonsense.Tom W is there now and is very good from my experience with him at PJT. Matt's attitude just really worked for SS. Anyone know where Matt has gone?
Are these still available? Might be interested if they are.
Literally bumped into...not sure who thought it was OK to let you have more than two shandys...nice to meet PoP...very nice of him to take his granddad to the football.Great to see the results of your amazing selfie skills (watching you attempt to take one is among the funniest things I have very seen.
Here is the major one - "The company claims to be one of the world’s top menswear retail innovators." - how? World's largest (undeclared?) mark ups?With AT I think it might depend on how you interactive with the salesman. I have to admit I find them a bit stand offish but at the same time I like some space and time to browse so they might think the same of me.
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