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LJ - think your Better half would be up for a Lupo Australian group buy? The navy looks awesome.
Actually taking a walk through the city today with big timer Gerry Nelson (shameless name dropping) we were commenting on some of the hidden beauties on the city.Sure some horrible modern building get put up and this will happen forever but quality and good taste last. Beauty is there for you to find.Bravo on the getup Foxstar.
He is always seeking adopting.*he requires a large clothing budget.Bravo Foxy. This week's winner for me.
Foxy you can find that next level stuff. Actually I have a cool hat I bought when I was in Nepal (for decorative purposes only).But seriously, fuck #menswear, take on the adventure. I would love to go back - only managed to spend 2 weeks there travelling between Tibet and India.
DR, leave the jokes to Skeen today.
There isn't.
Fixed that for you.Surely your post was not serious - that young men should not tuck shirts in...
Shoes are for the sheep Foxy. Barefoot - next level (plus think of the savings).In sad news, found a hole in the bottom of my C&J brown suede chukkas.
To buy into the Group Think (and so Oli knows what to do) - I totally agreed with JM and Mr Nice Guy. My last PJ was 3 patch and I will be going back to 2 patch from now on.Are you and Remy BFFLs now too? Hahaha...Great point. Actually i have bought quite a few things from Op Shops which I did not end up wearing and have give back to the same Op Shop. Worth the risk of buying, the worst thing that happens is you have donated. I am sure my wife takes this approach at the...
Congratulations Jase. Great news.
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