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So, anyone want to buy a watch. Mate of mine says he has a nice one going cheap....used to belong to some bloke with a beautiful suit picked up in an op shop who smelt delightful....supposed he was carrying an expensive umbrella.Going cheap, must sell for over $750 in less that three weeks - "worth many thousands"
I think he might have move - he has quite a few fans here who will remind you.I use Chronic Fix on Greville - but mostly for jeans etc these days - the woman there who owns it is really good.
Belted Cardigan in Large at good price (not my listing - mine is XL and I am definitely not selling it!) -
Post here - the collective knowledge should be able to point you in the right direction (and mock each other at the same time).
Have both (and numerous other pairs of Kimber shoes) - stick with your usual size. I have, as has my good friend @Gerry Nelson, who also have several pairs.The Capri boots are awesome - love mine. Do not think Christian has any more in stock but Mervyn and possibly some other places picked them up.I believe Antonio is wearing them here (despite Mr Porter saying otherwise) -
For those who have not see it , one of our own, Mr Nice Guy Gerry Garry Nelson is Style Forum famous -
Let us know your thoughts Foxy.
Actually, this reminded me, I thinking of a light weight kilt jacket. I got a lightweight kilt when I was back in Scotland last year (leaving my heavywieght one at home) but the jakcet is still quite heavy for weddings here andI am going to a wedding in Florence this year too. I wonder if one in raw white silk would work...or where the hell I can even get a lightweight one.They look like this - [[SPOILER]] PS You can spot a much younger me in one of these photos...
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