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Sorry to miss you while you were in town Nabil. Glad the boys took you to Dukes. Hope you had a great trip. See you next time you are down.
Congratulations on this GF. Does this mean a new wardrobe is required (or are you fitting back into an old stuff)? 20kg, well done. After my little trip back home I need to lose a few kgs again.
Well my time in Scotland is almost up. Had a great time but now Sitting bored in airport lounge. Did not purchase too much this time around (as I do not need much and it was not long since I was last here). Went down to Hawick, where some of the world's best knitwear is made, and got a Lambswool Shawl Cardigan in grey by William Lockie at a great price (~$150). Very similar to this Drakes one -...
Seconded (unsurprisingly).
The joys of being in the UK. For LonerMatt (and any other Margaret Howell fans) - got this raincoat on eBay NWOT for $60 delivered (to my home in sunny Scotland). HOWELL DESIGNER MAC COAT Size M / L LIGHT SAND NWOT SMART CLASSY - http://bit.ly/1gCATZ1 Generously cut for that practical, British throw on over everything look and very well made with beautiful material (which Howell prides herself on) I am very happy with it. It will be perfect for Melbourne rainy, but warm...
When did we get our photograph taken Garry? Is this us at our last coffee catchup?
Calling @fxh or @lennier
Yes I need to give some stuff to Wear for Success when I return.By the way, if anyone has spare white shirts fxh said that is what Wear for Success need most.
Fixed that for you.
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