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Here is the major one - "The company claims to be one of the world’s top menswear retail innovators." - how? World's largest (undeclared?) mark ups?With AT I think it might depend on how you interactive with the salesman. I have to admit I find them a bit stand offish but at the same time I like some space and time to browse so they might think the same of me.
Yeah, JM - just waste time on the Aus Members thread instead...
Love the entries so far but would love to see more suede chukkas.
Love this challenge Gerry.
So that is where you wear your socks.#sexyankles
Best of luck. Look forward to seeing more.
Just took a friend to get fitting for his wedding suit at Suit Shop. Superb experience. Matt was knowledgeable but relaxed and my friend thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Got a navy suit and white shirt - $1250 all up. I had fun playing tailor's assistant. Recommended. Esp for guys getting their first MTM suit. A great but not overwhelming range of cloths and some sound advice to guide you. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
For those looking for a few good prices on Filson , PJ pocket squares, Common Projects and other things check out Opumo. Good sale on.
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