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All the best TBM. I know you will look smart and, more importantly, the message will be strong. Let us know how you go.
Great work here Jas. All the best for the future. Watching you on all the other mediums and I am sure I'll purchase again. To anyone still to purchase Henry Carter design, quality and service is highly recommended.
Abe - I am XL / 44 but you guys know your market and need to buy what sells. I tend to buy one or two Eidos pieces a season for a range of sellers. But if someone had the navy hopsack they would likely get my cash.Don't change just for me (in some ways you site is great as I can look with no temptation!).
Gentry - only for small/thin people....
No Asians/agents video was great DartagnanRed, I mean Gino...
I used to go to the Melbourne one and get a haircut and shave. It was great. Best haircut I have had, always happy with it. And a nice shave too. A bargain at $55 with approximately ever 7th one free (they do a card with stamp for every $50 spent).But the original guy has moved on (maybe to Sydney if you are lucky) and I am not as impressed by the new guy. Needed my haircut again after 2 weeks rather than my usual 5. Might try them again but am looking into a few other...
He is far too cool for this site.
I buy Kimbers direct from Kimber. Would be crazy not too. And can highly recommend his stuff.These are Aldens in collaboration with Leffot.
My latest eBay buy. Sought for a while. Finally landed.
What happened to the great seersucker debut?
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