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Apologies - though my post was more a comment on the Australian economy and clothing sizing in general...only joking...fair point....wait does this post count as part of the discussion...oh dear...
Very tempted - the measurments look OK for me, though my other Eidos is 44/54...only concern is the chest...would it be able to be let out?Well, that and the weak Australian dollar....
Your size CD or mine? My guess is it will be tiny.
Tom (the younger). Tomw@suitshop.com
What Cox said.
If only this was my size.
Yes - I am 54 and wear XL. Think large would be too small.
This classified is still open - just wondering if these are available.
I've got one in navy (XL) - love it. Wearing it now.
Think I got it. Thanks.
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