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I miss @blahman
Part 2 up now (not sure nobody links them or maybe I am jumping the gun) - http://www.styleforum.net/t/405462/interview-with-antonio-ciongoli-of-eidos-napoli-part-2
This made me laugh. Did you figure it out JM?I use Comgateway - really easy and they do a repack option to reduce weight.Currently awaiting my Eidos jacket (retailers cost to ship - $250, Comogateway - $20 to get it to them, $50 for them to send to me).
That is good news. To be honest, I think I missed them when they first came out but have seen a few photos of you and some other Carson St guys wearing them recently and well as Greg from Greg's Coffee.Are there photos/links of the options available (Greg's one looked great, though I do not think I would alter the collar like he did...I am not cool enough to pull it off).
Great thread. Those interested in some of Antonio's design theories (or whatever the phrase should be) should watch this - http://youtu.be/REA2YWA467U (For those that want to "like" and watch later here is a Tumblr link - http://linenforsummertweedforwinter.tumblr.com/post/82238548062/tredicielupo-high-hat-aside-the-eidos-napoli).
Where did you order from?
Another example of the great customer service Henry Carter offers. Well done (again!). Not sure all my grey socks purchases will get me over the line...(think I bought most of my HC stuff about 14-18 months ago anyway) but what a great offer for those who make the cut.
Any plans to restock the Carson Street Popovers?
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