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And they all lived happily ever after.
I wish the guys who painted place prior to putting it up for sale had done this....in reality their sloppy fast work has just created extra work for me (windows painted shut, mismatched locks, paint drips all over).Thank you to all those who have provide advice and reach out. When work is a little less crazy I will go through it all again and get back to people.Love this thread and the support it offers.I was thinking to be real #menswear, these items would be...
Money, styling, type of fabric, design, availablity (no wait), for the hell of it.For example all of business shirts are PJ but my most recent purchase (and probably last menswear for a while) was a Visvim shirt with floral elbow patches (not to everyone's taste I know). Doubt I could get style etc that anywhere (good) MTM/bespoke. Also,it is made from Giza cotton which is supposed to be among the world's finest. It was not cheap RTW and I expect MTM it would be even more...
Is this a serious question? Really?Let me be clear - give me an S, give me a U, give me an E, give me a D, give me an another E.SUEDE baby. All the way. Like Mr Nice Guy Gerry says, you won't regret it.To quote myself (bloody hell I am worse than fxh) - "suede brown Chukkas (you should never be in anything else)".
Isn't overreacting to your own misinterpretations of others perceived misrepresentations what SF is build on?
Or "sure, buy the Visvim shirt." .
Seriously, what is this bullshit? Here are the Aus Thread Members rules for dating. First communicate over twitter only for a while (2-3 months minimum). Make sure she knows how many followers you have. #bigshot First date. Meeting in real life. Take her to PJ. Order a suit...without asking about the price. This shows her what a baller you are. #tailormade Next meet her to a hidden coffee shop. Arrive late on your super expensive bike. Make sure she knows how expensive...
Yes - this one - http://www.lawrencecovell.com/Eidos-Napoli-Tenero-Green-Multi-Pane-Jacket.html
Add a big white hat too. And hope he plays this.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPd0EtQ_1CkAnd try not to trash the neighbourhood please.
They are Topying the mortgage to be safe.
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