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Welcome back Steve! All of the images are really tiny (I remember them being larger in the past). Is that an error only I'm experiencing?
Price of the Rutledge in dark brown please.
Any particular reason why the jacket looks really really long? Is that simply a perspective/photo-angle issue?
Holy cow, is that a $59.99 price tag I see on the Stagg? What city did you buy those in? Staggs are going for ~$100+ in NYC. Although that's nothing compared to the $150 price range of PVW15 on ebay right now.
I'm assuming the cuffs can be let out to create a clean plain cuff? Let me know if/when this comes down in price.
This is a quote from AskAndy, the source of the original rumor: "Brooks employed Martin Greenfield to manufacture a high amount of the suiting. After review, Greenfield has been tinkering with his manufacturing lowering the quality of the goods. Del Vecchio became very unimpressed and in fact Greenfield is now in dispute with the company. The new Golden Fleece suiting will all be made in Southwick and some of the garments continuously made in Italy. "
I'm not sure if this has been discussed already, but I had read some rumors that BB recalled their entire line of GF suits for potential quality issues (it's their highest quality line). I just spoke with a BB customer service representative on the phone and she confirmed that this is the case and the reason why you can no longer find GF suits online. She did mention that this a recall affecting recent GF releases and suits purchased from early 2011 should be fine. I...
Is there a link or do I have to go in-store?
Is this sale online or in store only?
I've never ordered anything from them before, but can we realistically expect a company at these prices and margins to be able to offer world class customer service? I guess the solution is to order and follow up with order immediately.
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