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Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I thought the same thing. Except those filthy Algerians were lying about both offers just to spite the agent. I saw it on their faces, they never had any offers especially "slightly over the asking price". And the lines he was giving to the agent , my god what a douchebag. not just to spite, they wanted to cut him out of the commission. doubt if they sold at $8m+ either i bet they are still trying to...
i have a couple of them and agree that over a $100 is too much and the fit on the 2 i have are similar to rlpl
when i was a kid we moved all the time because that was the nature of my fathers job. when i got accepted to the college i wanted to go to in another state my first thought was..."hey, no big deal, we have moved many, many times" the closer the eventful date came, the more i begin to feel a bit nervous. i think my dad noticed my little trepidations. i havn't forgotten to this day, what he said as we packed up my car. "remember to take all the good and true things you...
beautiful, i really like those in suede
hard to say at a distance but have hired a lot of people and i look for someone who is looking for me might try foscusing on a couple of people in your field or orgaizations you want to work for and tailor your resume, cover letter and interview to match your qulaifactions to their exact needs. and see if you can't network you way in, much better than going cold. both while hiring and years ago when looking for a job, i have found this targeted appraoch much more...
very clear and well illustrated. i am going to pass it along to a couple of my pals who have bugged me about this. much better explaination than mine. great find!
now that is performance art...
Quote: Originally Posted by KBW like the band....who makes it??
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 It is still summer here. RLPL hemp blazer Land's End linen pocket square Club Monaco dress shirt Incotex chino linos Jil Sander drivers nicely done, love that blazer.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Mike, did I ever mention that I was once third runner-up for Miss Alaska? i knew i recognized you from somewhere!!
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